Damien is the third Survivor Australia contestant to be eliminated in Contenders versus Champions season

'It was a great experience, it was amazing!'

By Faye James
Survivor Australia: Champions versus Contenders is keeping viewers pinned to their seats with more drama than ever before.
And with a gripping third episode underway, it was double amputee Damien who was left eliminated from the tribe thanks to Jackie's clever tactics.
The first challenge saw facing off one on one in a penalty shoot-out, Survivor style.
Double amputee Damien was the third Survivor Australia contestant to be eliminated.
The first tribe to score seven goals won the reward which included fishing gear and a large fish, which the Champions aced at and enjoyed later at lunch time, except Moana as she's a vegetarian.
But it turned out to her advantage as she found a clue while everyone was feasting.
"No-one's seen it. 'Cause it was just literally there in the open. Everyone else was feasting. Thank God I'm a vegetarian," Moana laughed while reading the clue: "You have found a clue to the hidden immunity idol. "It'll be hidden at the next tribal council."
"The idol will be hidden in the lid of the voting urn. "Oh, that's sick. That means only I know what's under the lid. I'm pretty stoked for that. Man, I want that idol. So if it means that we've got to lose, then... An immunity idol is extremely powerful.
"You just don't show it to anyone. And I don't plan on showing it to anyone once I get it. Finders keepers. It just gives you a little bit more room to manipulate some stuff. I'm definitely doing a little bit of that on the side already," Moana plotted.

And in the second challenge where they had to push a giant wheel around a course and build a puzzle saw the Contenders win, leaving them to win immunity and sending the Champions to tribal council.
Each one of the Champions was disappointed except Moana who turned to the camera and said: "My first thought was, "Holy crap, we lost." My next thought was, "You just won an idol." Feels good"
Jackie who failed badly in the second challenge, quickly found ways to win the team over
Jackie, who failed badly in the challenge saw her fate however and attempted to make the team feel sorry for her in a bid to oust out favourite Damian. "I feel absolutely terrible about today's challenge. The fact that I messed up the puzzle does put a target on my back. There is nothing that I wouldn't do to stay and be the Sole Survivor. I will fight until my fire is snuffed out," she said tearfully.
"I just really feel like I've let the team down today. And I have no excuses, other than I let the pressure of tonight and today affect me today.
"But what I feel right now, letting our team down, like...doesn't even compare. For anyone who wants to put my name down tonight, all I wanna say is...I just want you to think of my collective contribution other than today, and give me the opportunity to make it up to you guys. I have no excuses."

And her clever ploy worked with Damien voted out. "I don't know. The tribe spoke. So, I came here to win, I didn't come here to lose, especially, like, third out," Damien said.
"You know, I think it was a great experience, it was amazing. I think part of what made the experience so special was being able to join and bond and hear, just sit and listen to amazing people with these really, really fantastic stories, you know, and getting an insight into them.
Police Officer Matt was the first person eliminated from the competition, being voted out by his tribe after a lengthy rant during the council.
The second person sent home was front runner Russell Hantz in a surprise move by the tribe.
In his post-elimination interview he said, "My best move was not to play it. When you play Survivor, you play to make bold moves. Go big or go home. That's just how it is."
"I made the right move. It just didn't work," he added.

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