Survivor tribe-steal bomb: Power couple Shaun and Daisy are reunited

And they couldn't be happier about it!

By Zara Zubeidi
Daisy says she was devastated when she and Shaun were separated at Tribe Swap in Australian Survivor last week.
But the pair were soon reunited when the Champions chose to steal Shaun – meaning the game's "power couple" were well and truly back in force.
"It was like Christmas day," Daisy, 24, tells TV WEEK. "I was so happy!"
Meanwhile, former AFL star Shaun, 31, says he was "over the moon" to be reunited with the travel agent.
"I trusted Daisy more than anyone else," he explains. "And she's a good chick. She's not afraid to make fun of herself. I really like that about people.
"If you can have someone out there who can make you laugh, that's really nice."
Daisy and Shaun were delighted to be reunited.
The pair – who both started the game as members of the Contenders tribe – have been close since day one.
"We both didn't pack tracksuit pants – and I didn't even take a pair of socks – so he and I bonded because we were having to sleep by the fire every night," Daisy reveals.
"We were both so cold. Around day four or five, he gave me his spare pair of socks. I thought, 'What a selfless dude.' That's all it took. I got the socks – and he got my trust!"
As for Shaun's next move, he's looking for payback after discovering David's fake immunity idol. He declares it's the perfect time to seek revenge now he's part of the same tribe.
"David is the one I'm after," Shaun says. "He's wronged me in the game. I want to get him out the first chance I get."
Daisy's priority is to get rid of marketing executive Andy as soon as she can.
"I didn't trust Andy from the start," she says. "I thought he was greasier than a mechanic. Having him around made me nervous."

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