Survivor's Russell Hantz's most controversial moments

King Russell's made a name for himself.

By Alex Lilly
It's Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders this year, and if you're a die-hard fan, there's one face you'll no doubt recognise.
Texan father-of-four and recent grandfather Russell Hantz first rose to fame in the American edition of Survivor: Samoa in 2009 and then returned for the all-stars season, Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains in 2010, and Survivor: Redemption Island in 2011.
And between his interesting choice in clothing and his tactical game-playing, he's definitely going to be one to watch.
"I have no choice in this. I have to win. I have to prove to everyone that I can do it and I have to prove to myself that I am as good as people say I am."
"When I'm out there, I am a blank screen. My family don't matter until I get off that island. I'll be playing for them but I won't let my emotions get in the way and I won't let it make me soft."
Not convinced? Take a look at some of his shadiest antics from past seasons.
Nice fedora, Russell.

When he lied and said he was a victim of Hurricane Katrina for sympathy

On the very first night of Survivor: Samoa, Russell told his teammates that he lived in New Orleans with his pet German shepherd, Rocky, but his dog was killed during Hurricane Katrina.
But we soon learned that wasn't the case.
"It's crazy how you can break their hearts by telling them a lie," Russell revealed to the camera.

When he emptied his teammates' water containers

That wasn't the only tactic he played on the first night!
Russell decided to start playing dirty by emptying his teammates' water containers and even burning Jaison Robinson's socks so as to weaken his competition psychologically and make it easier to manipulate them.
Speaking to PEOPLE after filming the show, Russell said, "Best move I made was pouring out the water and burning the socks! It's a tough thing to do because when you do it, you can't get caught because if you get caught, you're going home. But I went in it with very aggressive play and I think it worked for me. I made it all the way to the end and I would never change anything about the way I played the game."
Russell shared this pic from the day he came back from Survivor season 19 in Samoa.

Using his immunity idols very conveniently

Over the course of his time in Samoa, Russell found three hidden immunity idols without clues and played each one in a different, effective way.
At one Tribal Council, Russell received seven votes but played his idol meaning none of the votes counted. Instead, Kelly Sharbaugh, who received the other four votes, was eliminated, much to the shock of the tribe.

The "Dumb*ss Girl" alliance

Russell's tactic was to form a secret alliance with each of the three girls in his team, all of whom trusted him.
"I like to call it my dumb*ss girl alliance. I told them exactly the same thing and I believe they're just gullible enough to believe it."
Russell started an "alliance" teammate Natalie White, who eventually won.