Survivor rivals Locky and Lee in competition to be the next Bachelor

Let the (hopefully topless) battle begin!

By NW team
For the contenders fighting it out on Australian Survivor: All Stars, conditions in Fiji are hot – and things are pretty steamy for us watching from home too!
Sure, you've got a hottie like the "Golden God" David Genat to swoon over, but with singletons Locky Gilbert and Lee Carseldine fighting to become top dog, All Stars is also fast becoming a battle of the bachelors!
Lee and Locky battling to win - and capture our hearts! (Image: Network Ten)
"When we were in our opposing tribes, Vakama and Makuta, I saw Lee as one to beat," says buff adventure guide Locky, 30. "But he's old, isn't he?"
Locky's teasing, but admits that because Lee, 44, is also a former professional cricketer and he finished in second place on Survivor in 2016, he's a major threat.
"The guy is a gun and I had to target him."
Meanwhile, Lee says Locky's membership of the "beautiful people" alliance made him want to take him down.
"He's a big, strong bloke, but he's a pretty boy too," laughs Lee. "He could be distracted by the girls flocking around him – leaving the way clear for me to dominate him."
Locky confesses he's keen to be the next Bachelor. (Image: Network Ten)
While Locky tells NW that he and fellow contender Brooke Jowett share a special bond, the fact that she lives in Melbourne and he's based in Bali makes a relationship tricky.
"We're very close, though," he admits, but adds that because he's still single, he's definitely up for being 2020's Bachelor.
"I'd love to give it a crack," he admits.
We'd accept his rose, for sure!

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