EXCLUSIVE: Eliminated Survivor All Star John addresses those Daisy romance rumours

''She’s someone I’m very close to.''

By Maddison Hockey
Another one bites the sand on Australian Survivor: All Stars!
Gold Miner John had his flame extinguished after failing to break up the Locky-Brooke-Flick alliance.
We chatted to the eliminated contestant about his biggest regret, why he never planned to go on the show and his relationship with fellow All Star Daisy.
We're so sad to see you go! How are you feeling about being eliminated?
I had a similar question asked of me after the first season and I said 'Oh well, I guess this is that chapter over in my life' and turns out it wasn't. I feel pretty lucky to have experienced everything and I'm pretty happy with how everything went.
Did you have a feeling it was going to be you?
Without a doubt. My other two alliance members had gone from Makuta, the writing was definitely on the wall for me.
John and Mat formed a close friendship. (Instagram / @johnnyeastoe)
Your last minute effort to sway Flick failed; do you think she'll regret it?
If Flick was sound of mind she probably would've listened to me. I don't know much about Survivor, but what I do know is when you have a big alliance like that eventually they have to start eating away at their own and you don't want to be at the bottom.
Your close relationship with Daisy has sparked a few dating rumours amongst fans, is there any truth to it?
I think the bloke Daisy is seeing might not like it much [laughs]. You get to know people so well and quickly on Survivor, Daisy is like a sister to me the way we carry on and fight. She's someone I'm very close to but definitely nothing romantic there.
The miner was best known for his larrakin persona and, of course, his hair. (Instagram / @johnnyeastoe)
What did you struggle with most?
I don't like the backstabbing. I know its part and parcel of Survivor, the essence is to outwit and vote each other out but that means being sly, going behind people's back and making deals with the devil and ultimately being dishonest with the people you're closest with. That's not something that sits well with me.
Will we see you pop up on any other TV shows in the future?
I went on Survivor because I got dared to and we didn't think it would come off. I applied and the next day they rang me up, I didn't answer so they rang my mum and dad in Melbourne. I never intended to get on it was just a bit if a joke application. So if I were to trip and fall over into another TV show I'd probably do it, but am I going to apply for another one? No, because look what happened last time [laughs].
Who do you think will win?
I'd love to see Dave, he's my mate and he's done such a good job from the start and last season.