EXCLUSIVE: Australian Survivor's Wai weighs in on the final three after brutal elimination

Who will be crowned Sole Survivor?

By Maddison Leach
After Cara's elimination last night, Survivor fans are wondering just who will walk away with the title of Sole Survivor this year.
The winner will be chosen by a jury made up of their former tribemates, including allies and rivals alike.
On Monday TV WEEK spoke to Wai, who made it to the top five before being eliminated, about being on the jury and who she would pick to win.
The author weighed in on the top four before Cara was cut from the game, saying: "This is the pointy end, someone good has to go again."
Wai was right. Last night Cara was eliminated right as she was preparing to break away from her alliance with George.
Meet the final three castaways from Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn. (Ten)
"Cara's had a lot of understated moments… watching it back has been really interesting, compared to when I was interacting with her on a day-to-day basis," Wai revealed before Cara's elimination.
"It was really interesting to see the moments when she had a really big hand in what unfolded [in the game]."
But Hayley managed to outwit George and Cara, making them turn on each other and ultimately getting Cara eliminated.
Hayley's bold strategy has helped her get far in the game, but will it get her to the top spot?
"Hayley and George have played amazing strategic games very, very differently," Wai explains, but Hayley has a bit of an edge.
"Hayley has also been a bit of a challenge beast out there, she's such an all-rounder."
As for the rest of the top three, Wai said they each bring something different to the table and there's a really good mix of players.
"Flick is the last brawn standing," she said, and that could be an advantage, given there are so many former Brawn tribe members on the jury.
And what about King George of Bankstown? Wai says "George's strategic game has been phenomenal."
But there can only be one Sole Survivor and Wai confesses she had "lots to think about" before making any jury decisions.
Rather than voting for the strongest competitor or the person who won the most challenges, the author wanted to take a more philosophical approach to who should win.
"I looked for someone who has grown through this experience," she explained.
"[Someone who] the experience made a difference for and it will impact them and their life moving forward."
It's a unique way of looking at the game, but Wai won't be the only one on the jury working with her own criteria when it comes to picking a winner.
To find out who will win – and if it will be Wai's pick – tune in to the Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn finale on Sunday night.

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