Survivor's Russell Hantz was disappointed by the lack of "hot blonde girls" on the show

'I didn’t like there was only one hot girl.'

By Alex Lilly
He may have called himself "the greatest player the world has ever seen" but Survivor's Russell Hantz found himself booted from the Champions tribe on just the second day.
And there's one thing he's been very disappointed about.
"Well first of all, I didn't like there was only one hot girl," he told The Daily Telegraph.
"I told the producers I wanted hot blonde girls and I got Monika. The guys were clearly physically impressive but I don't know about any Champions in the mental and social game."
"I tried to get in with Monika and some of the women but it didn't happen for me."
What a charmer.
"I told the producers I wanted hot blonde girls and I got Monika."
Russell's tactic on his first series of Survivor: Samoa in 2009 was to form secret alliances with each of the three girls in his team, all of whom trusted him.
"I like to call it my dumb*ss girl alliance. I told them exactly the same thing and I believe they're just gullible enough to believe it."
He continued to use this move in future seasons, including this year's Champions Versus Contenders when he tried to form a bond with former Miss Universe, Monika Radulovic.
Russell's tactic to form an alliance with the girls started when he appeared on Survivor: Samoa in 2009.
Russell, who's also known for his tactical play when it comes to immunity idols, was eliminated with an idol around his neck.
"My best move was not to play it. I was trying to call their bluff."
So by me not playing it I knew that if I got back to camp, it would've been the best move in Australian Survivor history."