Australian Survivor's Harry reveals: "I feel like I'm in a war zone!"

Harry is still in the game – against all odds!

By Zara Zubeidi
Growing up, Contender Harry used to play his own version of Australian Survivor with friends. And given he's managed to narrowly avoid not one, not two, but three eliminations, it's safe to say his years of practice have paid off! Here, the star, 30, reveals his strategy for the week ahead…
How have you managed to survive?
I feel like I'm in a war zone dodging bullets! Sometimes the best defence is a good offence, so I'm playing this game as aggressively as I can.
You promised to play your idol for Casey last week. What changed?
Casey was very clever to work both sides, but she overplayed by announcing the details of our plan. Information leaked back to me that she'd turned on us, so I knew there was no other option than to save myself.
WATCH: Harry blindsides Casey at tribal council. Story continues after video...
Why do you think the old Champs wanted you out?
I'm a huge strategic threat, and can see where people stand in this game. Someone like me can ruin plans for power players, so the smart thing is to get rid of the threat as quick as possible.
You called Janine "The Godmother" – is she still controlling the game?
It's tough to convincingly say one person is in full control. However, Janine remains the Godmother figure in Contenders 2.0. She has incredible negotiating skills and knows how to take full advantage of any situation.
Do you have an alliance at this point?
I have no alliances. My only friends are at Champion beach. I'm a one-man army; an escape artist like Harry Houdini. If the Champions think the job is done, they'd better think again!
Harry says Luke and David are still at odds with the original Contenders.
How will you ensure you remain in the game?
Merge is around the corner, and I have connections to plenty of people still left.
Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders airs Monday, Tuesday and Sunday, 7.30pm on 10.

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