Mystery solved! Why Australian Survivor: All Stars’ John Eastoe is braiding his mullet this season

Now if we could only figure out why he can’t keep his pants on!

By Erin Doyle
Bursting on to TV screens last year in season four of Australian Survivor, John Eastoe became one of the show's firm fan-favourites.
Rocking a mullet and with a penchant for constantly stripping off, the down-to-earth, true blue gold miner became an unlikely reality TV heartthrob as he won over viewers in spades.
Some fans were even calling for him to become Channel Ten's next Bachelor.
So when John made a triumphant return to Australian Survivor: All Stars this season, viewers were overjoyed.
There's a valid reason John braided his mullet this time around. Image Network Ten
However, there was one noticeable change in the former Contender that had everyone perplexed: John's trademark mullet had become a braided mullet.
The sight of the new 'do raised many questions: why is it braided? Is he braiding his own hair or is there a makeshift hair salon on this Fijian island? Is this a new male hair trend that is set to take off on the very same catwalks where the Golden God David Genat struts his stuff?
Thankfully, we have at least one of these questions answered!
Henry (right) tells Now To Love it was campmate Sharn who was responsible for braiding John's (left) hair. Image: Network Ten
Speaking to Now To Love this week, eliminated Survivor player Henry Nicholson spilled on the mullet that has everyone talking.
"That was I think Sharn! I think Sharn was the braider of the mullet," Henry laughed. "And it looks good, I reckon!"
Despite appearances, John wasn't just braiding his hair as a beauty statement. According to Henry, braiding becomes vital for the contestants because with no hairbrushes and combs allowed, hair quickly gets knotted and matted on the island.
"You've got to braid out there I think because your hair just turns to sh*t," Henry explained.
WATCH John and Lee strip off for hilarious nudie run on Australian Survivor: All Stars. Story continues below...
But rest assured, although John has switched up his hair, his fondness for nudie runs remains the same - as evidenced by Tuesday night's hilarious episode where he dragged campmate Lee Carseldine into joining in with his antics.
In a bid to lighten the mood around camp on a drizzly day, the pair stripped off for a cheeky dip in the sea.
Even host Jonathan LaPaglia poked fun at the boys for the incident, sharing footage of the amusing moment on Instagram.
"When my family saw @leecarseldine and @johnnyeastoe freshening up their bottoms in the ocean they vowed NEVER to swim in Fiji again! 😬 #SurvivorAU," he wrote in the caption, adding the hashtags: "DumDumbrothers", "unsafetoswim" and "saynotocrack".
Never change Johnny, never change!
John with his Budgy Smugglers on - for once. Image: Network Ten

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