The Survivor: Blood V Water’s cast has more at stake than any series before, but who are the contestants potentially risking it all?

The stakes are higher than ever!

By Faye Couros
Australian Survivor has always been a game with high stakes, but this season kicking off in 2022 is taking that concept to the next level.
Aptly dubbed Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, the contestants will play in pairs as siblings, in-laws, couples, parents, and children.
Yes, the castaways are playing against members of their own family, the people they are meant to trust the most in the world, but can they really?
The program has already released a few of their players attempting what may become a catastrophic journey, for there is no betrayal with a greater sting than one coming from someone you would go to any lengths to protect.
Australian Survivor: Blood V Water is coming soon on 10 and 10 Play On Demand.
Scroll down to discover the contestants diving headfirst into the unknown.

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