EXCLUSIVE: Not mad just disappointed! Mat Rogers isn’t impressed with Survivor: All-Stars

The Godfather has spoken.

By Maddison Hockey
When NRL legend Mat Rogers returned to Australian Survivor for a second chance at glory he vowed to play a much bigger and more strategic game.
Unfortunately, we barely got the chance to see the 'Godfather', as he's been donned, reach his full mafia potential.
The 44-year-old tells Now To Love he came into All Stars wanting to "make waves and have fun."
His elimination, however, has left Mat a little disappointed. Taking down the Godfather, after all, shouldn't have been so anti-climactic.
WATCH: Mat Rogers' previous Australian Survivor elimination was a little more dramatic! Story continues below...
You were the last member of Vakama that wasn't part of the larger alliance, were you holding much hope you would live to fight another day?
I wasn't holding any hope at all, given the way my tribe was playing the game this season. It was a pretty uneventful and boring way to go out really. Look at what Lydia put on the table for that tribe when she was there, saying 'Let's blindside Mat, he's got an idol.' That would've been way better to go. To go out with a 6 to 1 vote, what a boring way to play.
Do you think the remaining alliance will pick one another apart now?
They have to. There's no one else there and they're not going to win challenges. You've got to think about the long game [particularly merge] and it doesn't seem anyone was doing that given all my alliances on the other side.
Mat is placing his bets on Moana to win. (Image: 10)
Who do you think will win?
Definitely Mo she's come into her own. A lot of people don't give her a lot of credit because they think she's quiet and doesn't do anything but Mo is a shrewd operator. I'm hoping her and Dave work together, they will be a powerful force and no one will expect them to be working together.
What was it like leaving your family for a second time?
My family has been so supportive, particularly my wife [Chloe Maxwell]. We've lived extraordinary lives, she's been in the media with modelling and then myself with sport. We've always really supported each other. It wasn't as hard this time. We all knew what to expect this season, and they loved last season they wanted to see it again.
Would you do a third time on the show?
Yeah, the other day I was taking my daughter to soccer training we passed a billboard with my face on it and she asked 'Would you do it again?' and I said 'Would you want me to?' She said, 'Yeah!'

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