EXCLUSIVE: Unearthed pics reveal super-ripped Survivor star Jacqui Patterson used to be a bodybuilder

She is seriously fit!

By NW team
So far, Byron Bay marriage celebrant Jacqui Patterson has flown under the radar on Australian Survivor: All Stars - but this week, the 52-year-old is set to bring it.
"You never want to be a goat (follower) on Survivor," she says.
"If you coast to the end on other players coattails you might as well go home in the first week."
Sing it sister!
Jacqui's also bringing a secret weapon into the game - she's a world champion body builder.
I mean, we kinda guessed thanks to her extremely ripped rig, but the strength and discipline she's developed is going to help her smash it in Fiji she says.
"I won my first over-fifties ICN world championship in 2018!" Jacqui admits. Source: Ten
Jacqui, you are beyond ripped - what's the story?
After I competed on Survivor in 2017 I'd messed up my shoulder. Then it was discovered I had a grade four melanoma which was caught just in time.
When I was recovering from operations for both, I thought 'why not get into my best ever shape?' - because losing mobility and then having cancer really makes you think about how important your health is.
I got a trainer and then I got into I Compete Natural (ICN) body building.
The tiny bikini, high heels and tan thing?
Yep! I compete in the 'fitness' category and actually won my first over-fifties ICN world championship in 2018 - so if I can give up champagne and shred to win that I figure I can win Survivor.
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We hear you've also married some of your Survivor fam too?
Yes, even though I voted Mark Wales and Samantha Gash off during my season, they asked me to be their marriage celebrant last year.
During the ceremony I held up a ballot paper voting that they 'stay' together!
What's tougher - tribal council or a comp shred?
This old bird can handle both.
Just because you're in your fifties doesn't mean you sit around and f--king knit!

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