EXCLUSIVE: Australian Survivor's Flick exposes the sneaky tactic used by her All Stars rivals - but is it fair?

''Obviously we weren’t allowed to.''

By Maddison Hockey
With $500,00K on the line it's no surprise Survivor is rife with ruthless gameplay and brutal blindsides. But, it turns out the All-Stars are resorting to a sneaky rule-bending tactic greater than the usual 'Outwit, Outplay, Outlast' to try and win.
After another surprising blindside that sent Felicity "Flick" packing from the Survivor Island, the 26-year-old reveals to Now To Love the gameplay starts well before the show begins.
"I'll be honest; at least 20 of those 24 contestants were pre-gaming.
Obviously we weren't allowed to but you watch the American series, it happens every time, people don't want to not talk and then feel left out."
Felicity dishes on the sneaky tactic the All-Stars used pre-show. Image: Instagram / @felicityegginton
Considering many of the All Stars have crossed paths, and worked together previously, frankly, we're not surprised they get together to chat tactics before the show.
But, much like on the actual show, alliances and deals can quickly be broken.
"Just because you pre-game with someone doesn't mean that plan is going to go through," Flick says.
The travel agent from Survivor's first season learnt that the hard way.
"AK and I had a very close friendship out there and before the game.
I never would have thought he would turn on me; he's the one person I completely trusted."
Flick didn't see AK's betrayal coming. Image: Instagram / @aaron.knight.ak
While many fans may have assumed the betrayal by close friend, Brooke, would have hurt Flick the most, it was in fact AK's backflip that hit hardest.
"For myself and Brooke, there were no promises made," Flick explains.
"I had actually spoken to AK and promises were made prior to the game.
In that instance it's harder, I can respect game play, but if you make promises in real life, that is something that is different."