EXCLUSIVE: Australian Survivor: All Stars contestants reveal how much weight they lost competing in the gruelling game

The beans and rice diet strikes again!

By Erin Doyle
It's no secret Survivor is one of the world's toughest games.
Aside from facing insanely difficult physical challenges while battling for rewards and immunity and dodging sneaky tactics and strategic moves to stay in the game, the lack of food takes a toll on the players' bodies.
For the most part, Survivor players eat only a modest amount of beans and rice each day. If they're lucky, they might find coconuts or other fruit on the beach or are able to catch a fish.
Unsurprisingly, by the time their torches are extinguished, many contestants find their bodies have taken a battering.
Following their eliminations, several of the show's stars have opened up to Now To Love about exactly how much weight they've lost in their fight to outwit, outplay and outlast their rivals.
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