Australian Survivor fans are losing it over Russell's bizarre wardrobe choice

There are no words.

By Tina Burke
Australian Survivor: Champions Vs. Contenders premiered last night, and there is one talking point, in particular, that has captured the internet's attention. No, we're not talking about the explosive rant from the first eliminated contestant Matt. We're talking... about an outfit.
When you think about the challenges contestants face on Australian Survivor, you tend to picture a lot of jumping, climbing, throwing and running. Who knows, maybe they'll even jump out of a plane while assembling a 174-piece jigsaw puzzle, or walk through fire while reciting the lyrics to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.
The point is, this is SURVIVOR, and the show is made up of a whole heap of physical challenges that require contestants to be quick and agile. Which leads me to the big question plaguing the internet today: what on earth is Russell Hantz wearing?
The Australian public watched on with great confusion when Survivor super-villain and three-time competitor Russell waltzed in to the competition, wearing the weirdest ensemble of all time.
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Wearing a fedora, a white button-up shirt, a black vest, rigid stone-wash jeans with a jaunty belt and cowboy boots would be considered a 'bold' choice on a regular day.
But, for Australian Survivor, this outfit is just straight-up madness.
Why are you like this?
Who wants to compete in physical challenges in three of the most restrictive pieces of clothing possible? Russell Hantz. That's who.
Russell's ensemble received plenty of attention online, with many viewers taking to Twitter to share their opinions on the look, and the villain's well-documented obsession with fedoras.
Of course, there were also a lot of comments about Russell's place on the show to begin with. Not to mention, the fact he kept referring to himself as 'the greatest player' of all time.
He may not be a fan-favourite, but there's no denying Russell is here to win.
Having already begun to "play the game", Russell quickly found the first hidden immunity idol and began his all-too-familiar strategy of teaming up with a younger woman, this time Miss Universe Australia Monika Radulovic. The other contestants better watch out!
We'll be tuning in tonight to see how this fedora wearing bad-boy plans to use his idol to his advantage.
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Australian Survivor airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Channel Ten.
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