Why Benji relishes his role as Australian Survivor’s new villain

'I love the hate!'

By Tina Burke
He's earnt a reputation for being one of the sneakiest players on Australian Survivor, but Contender Benji reveals he loves being the baddie.
"I'm a total villain!" Benji, 26, admits. "I expect to be seen as the villain because I was out there to play the game, not to make friends. I enjoy the villain role, even though it kind of comes across like a little more evil than I was out there."
Benji was given the title after a series of bold moves. He says he set out to play hard, even if it meant him going home.
"I was pretty confident," he tells TV WEEK.
"I wanted to play it big. So even if it did backfire, at least I played a big game. If I went home early, it's better than sitting under the radar and getting halfway through."
Benji says he 'loves' being the villain.
Benji's sister Anneliese, 25, appeared on Australian Survivor in 2017. While fans loved her, her brother has scored mixed reviews on social media.
"You've got to expect the hate," Benji says of the negative comments. "I don't feel personally attacked or anything. I'd prefer to be a big player than a nobody.
"Anneliese has told me she's proud of the game I'm playing out there."
Benji says his sister Anneliese is proud of him.
Benji is certainly living up to his reputation as a player. Having orchestrated Tegan's elimination earlier this season – by lying to his tribe about her intentions – he finally succeeded in voting her off last week.
Benji had the option to save his former Contender tribemate Tegan from elimination, but chose to send her home and align with the Champions.
"I want to start siding with the people who have the numbers," he says. "It was a bit of a sacrifice to show we're with the Champions," Benji explains. "I don't have any regrets."
Australian Survivor airs Monday and Tuesday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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