Is Benji the new frontrunner on Survivor Australia?

''I'm in control. I have the power. I'm going to rule this kingdom!''

By Faye James
After Champion Jackie was sent packing on Monday night's episode of Survivor Australia and a new team of Contenders were formed, there have been plenty of shake ups in the Tribes.
Benji found himself busy plotting and scheming with pal Robbie while Robbie found himself obsessing about newfound Contender Lydia's yoga abilities.
Lydia gets the whole tribe busting out some downward dogs and it obviously works as they win the first challenge and scoop up a tasty roast dinner.
Could Benji be the frontrunner on Survivor Australia?
But that doesn't stop Benji plotting how he's going to win the entire competition. He wakes up at 3am to look for the idol he's been so desperately looking for and he finds it!
"I'm in control. I have the power. I'm going to rule this kingdom!" Benji boasts.
Eliminated contestant Paige previously said Benji is a "massive threat" when she was blindsided thanks to his sneaky tactics.

"Benji was such a massive threat in that game and so manipulative and everyone knew it. It wasn't really a secret that he was pulling the strings and calling all the shots, but they just wanted to keep him to win challenges," she told TV Week.
But it appears Benji has worked hard to get where he is today, having applied to be on the show THREE times.
"It is the world's most incredible game in the most insane arena," he says.
"Every time the casting call goes out, there is literally no question about whether I will be putting my life on hold for a chance to show Australia what I've got!"

The Contender is actually the older brother of Anneliese Wilson, who placed 11th in the 2017 season of Australian Survivor.
"I want to officially introduce you all to my best friend and big brother, Benji, who I am so excited to see play on this up coming season of Australian Survivor!" she wrote on Instagram.
"I passed the metaphorical and literal torch onto the next coolest member of the Wilson family - give him a follow to see all the latest updates! So excited for this next season keeping the #WilsonLegacy strong!"

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