Could this family man be the ultimate Survivor? Meet Australian Survivor Contender Heath!

I can win this!

By NW team
Heath Davies, a builder from Queensland is ready to take on even the most fierce competitors in the new season of Australia Survivor.
"I trained almost every day at the gym, pool or cardio at home to keep myself in good physical health for Survivor," the 33-year-old told NW.
Hunky Heath describes himself as 'honest, reliable and 'genuine'. He is also a family man and has dreams of leaving Fiji -- where the series is filmed -- with the prize money in pocket, ready to take his family on holiday.
Ahead of the season premiere on August 1, NW gets to know the Survivor contestant.
The 33-year-old builder from Queensland says he'll miss his family and his wife's home-cooked schnitzel the most on the show.
What made you want to go on Survivor?
Heath: I watched Survivor every year and I'd always tell my wife what I would do and how I'd play the game. She told me I should apply, so I did.
What are you looking forward to the most about going on the show?
Heath: I'm looking forward to the experience and the challenge of playing the game. But, I'm not looking forward to being away from my family.
If you could take one thing with you on the show what would it be?
Heath: A family photo.
Heath will be going up against fierce competitors like The Biggest Losers' Steve "The Commando" Willis.
What would you do with the prize money?
Heath: I'd help my parents financially, pay some of our mortgage off and take the family on a nice holiday.
Apart from family, what will you miss the most while away?
Heath: My bed and the comfort of my own home. As well as my wife's homemade chicken schnitzel and chocolate!
Is there anyone from previous series you admire?
Heath: Lee Carseldine. He's seems to be a very genuine trustworthy type of person. Much the same as myself.
Do you think you can win?
Heath: Yes! I'm confident in my abilities and I'm mentally and physically strong enough to get through anything put in front of me.

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