All the clues these contestants are returning for Australian Survivor: All Stars

Only eight returning stars have been confirmed, but we think Abbey Holmes, Moana Hope and more are soon to be announced!

By Tina Burke
Australian Survivor fans are being served up two glorious seasons in 2020, beginning with an All Stars rendition early in the year before a regular season in the usual slot.
Eight stars have already been confirmed to return for the All Stars season, including Brooke Jowett, Felicity "Flick" Egginton, Nick Iadanza and Phoebe Timmins from Season 1, Henry Nicholson and Mark "Tarzan" Herlaar from Season 2, Mat Rogers from Season 3 and David Genat from this year.
Meet the returning All Stars! Image: Network 10
The final tribal council and vote of the 2019 season was filmed in Fiji, rather than being filmed back in Australia in front of a studio audience. The series wrapped up quickly to allow for faster production for the upcoming All Stars season, which was filmed almost immediately after.
While David has already been confirmed, we suspect a few other 2019 stars will be returning.
We've also spotted a few clues that suggest some of your other favourites will be back, too! Yes, many of the clues are related to a light Instagram stalk, though we have our reasons... trust us.
Scroll through to find out who we think we're going to see on our screens in 2020!


Abbey Holmes. Image: Network 10
AFLW player Abbey Holmes was a breakout star of Australian Survivor 2019! She helped pull off major blindsides and came in fifth.
Though, she was mysteriously absent from press after her elimination and didn't post anything "organic" on her Instagram Grid until September 20 when she posted about reuniting with her boyfriend - perhaps because she was still in Savusavu, Fiji? The All Stars series filmed in August and September of this year.
Plus, she commented a series of clapping emojis on a recent promo for the new season - hardly groundbreaking stuff, but she does seem pretty keen on this season! We won't be surprised if Abbey pops back up on our screens in 2020.

HARRY HILLS (Season 4)

Harry Hills. Image: Network 10
Much like Abbey, Harry was absent from the media following his third place elimination in this year's finale.
Unlike Abbey, we haven't caught him lurking in the comments section of Australian Survivor's social pages. Instead, he's been making mysteriously public jokes about "waiting for my Survivor All Stars invitation". He even re-posted the recent trailer with the caption "Hey @survivorau still waiting on that phone call..."
On the one hand, Harry could just be joking around about because he knows he's not in this season. On the other MUCH MORE LIKELY hand, Harry could be up to his usual tricks and is just posting memes and jokes to mess with fans, because he is back on the show. Time will tell.


Shonee Fairfax (right) with Fenella McGowan. Image: Network 10
Shonee, a model and Instagram savant, took a rather chunky break from social media from July to October. She returned with a new hair colour months later, without an explanation of her absence. She simply wrote: "Baby I'm back."
Shonee also shared the All Stars trailer on her Instagram story shortly after it was posted this week, could she be hinting to her return?
Though we would have loved to see a Shonella reunion, we don't think Shonee's partner in crime, Fenella McGowan, will be appearing on the show, as she's currently pregnant (let's take a moment from all the stalking to wish her a big 'ol congratulations).

MOANA HOPE (Season 3)

Moana Hope (right) with Mat Rogers. Image: Network 10
AFLW player Moana was a clear fan-favourite and a strong competitor in the Champions tribe. She sadly had to withdraw from the game due to illness, which makes her the perfect person for a second shot at the show.
Moana has been commenting on the Australian Survivor posts, and even shared the trailer on her own Instagram stories, shouting out her bestie and tribe-mate Mat Rogers in her posts. We think we could be looking at a reunion of their incredible alliance.

PETER CONTE (Season 2)

Peter Conte. Image: Network 10
He came in third place in the second season of Australian Survivor, surviving tribe swaps and pulling off blindsides. He'd be a prime contender for the All Stars season!
Interestingly, Peter hasn't posted anything on his Instagram Grid since August, when he attended the wedding of his Season 2 co-star Tessa O'Halloran. Considering he normally posts quite a bit, this has left us feeling a little suspicious.


Tessa O'Halloran. Image: Network 10
Speaking of Tessa, the newlywed also hasn't posted anything on her Instagram Grid since her wedding. And we're feeling equally suspicious over this one!
Fans will remember she went head-to-head with her season's winner, Jericho, with him even choosing to remove her from the jury before the final tribal council. Could Tessa be back for another shot at the title of Sole Survivor?


Anneliese Wilson. Image: Network 10
The mystery continues with Anneliese, another season two favourite who hasn't posted anything on her Instagram Grid since June.
Sure, people can take breaks from social media, but we're a little curious to see if this trio of pals were away from their phones because they were tied up in the jungle filming All Stars.
Fans will remember Anneliese had a target on her back from the second episode, with Adam pulling the strings behind-the-scenes to try and vote her out. But, she pulled through and played a strong game – that saw her go through the hardship of Exile Beach – and became the 2nd member of the jury.

SAM WEBB (Season 1)

Sam Webb. Image: Network 10
So it's kind of hard to prove Sam returned to Fiji over the months of August and September, but we're just going on our gut feeling with this one.
He's a fan-favourite and currently still works with Network 10 on the soap opera Neighbours, so we know he's got the connection. Plus, his Instagram is flooded with fans questioning if he's back for the revival. So... we're basically just hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that he's among those returning.
Stay tuned for more updates on who is officially coming back for Australian Survivor: All Stars.
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