All the Survivor contestants we want back on our screens for the All Stars spin off

Survivors ready?

By Alex Lilly
Can we all stop for a moment to discuss how awesome Australian Survivor 2019 has been this year?
We've seen blindsides, broken ankles and a man dive face-first into a mountain of popcorn, and don't get us started on Luke's heartbreaking elimination.
It's safe to say that Australia is hooked and after the success of this season, we think the nation wants, nay, deserves an All Stars season.
And last night, we got our wish, with a trailer for the 2020 All Stars show unveiled at the end of Tuesday's finale - so it's officially happening guys!
While the cast has not been revealed yet, Survivor fans have taken to Twitter to voice their thoughts on who they'd love to see on an All Stars spin off, with calls for this season's David Genat, big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones and King of the Jungle Luke Toki to star.
"Eventually I want an all-star Aussie cast vs an all-star American cast battling it out. Mainly so we can get Luke back. #SurvivorAU," one person mused.
We are not opposed to this!
But what about the other seasons?
Excluding the first two that weren't even aired on Channel Ten, we've rounded up some Survivor champs who played great games but didn't manage to snag the win, and deserve a second (or third) chance at redemption.
Keep scrolling to see who we think makes the cut.
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Phoebe Timmins
With two immunity idol plays, she proved that the underdog can come out on top. Never forget when she booted Craig with her play.
Craig I'Anson
Speaking of Craig, he respected the game (and Phoebe's blindside) and was a fan favourite for his outgoing, quirky personality, so we'd be keen to see him on our screens again.
Lee Carseldine
Lovely Lee! He made it to second place and had a sweet relationship with El, but we'd love to see him give it another go.
WATCH: Survivor power couple Lee and El's love story. Post continues after video...
Shonee Fairfax and Fenella McGowan
Shenella were the ultimate alliance of season three and loved to stir up a bit of drama. And we can always do with more drama.
Benji Wilson
This guy managed to convince a criminal barrister to not play her idol for Mat Rogers with just one sentence and despite leaving with an immunity idol around his neck, wasn't afraid to make some big risks.
Moana Hope
Poor Moana had to bow out of her season due to illness, but this AFL player deserves a second chance at redemption and would no doubt kill it in physical and social sides.
Benji was the ultimate game-player despite leaving with an immunity idol around his neck. (Image: Network Ten)
David Genat
The Golden God wreaked havoc with fake idols and was the ultimate TV villain of 2019. It would be criminal to not see him and his leather jacket again.
Luke Toki
Come on, do we really need to explain this?
Harry Hills
Dirty Harry, the God Killer, whatever you want to call him. This guy knows how to play the game and like a cockroach, it takes a lot to bring him down.