Australian Survivor 2021 premiere date: Everything you need to know before the show kicks off

It’s back and more gruelling than ever.

By Maddison Leach
Australian Survivor is back in 2021 after last year's hiatus, and there's plenty of excitement as the show's premiere date draws closer.
Channel 10 have announced the TV hit will return to screens on Sunday, July 18 at 7.30pm, so get the popcorn ready.
The network has promised this will be Australian Survivor's hardest, most gruelling season yet and fans can't wait.
The 2021 season of Australian Survivor comes with the theme of Brains V Brawn, with two tribes battling for dominance in the harsh Aussie outback.
Filming for the season was carried out in Cloncurry, in far-north Queensland, where the all-new contestants faced some seriously brutal conditions.
Best known for its insanely hot climate, Cloncurry even holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in Australia: an intense 53.1°C.
But the weather isn't the only thing this year's contestants will have to battle.
This season's line-up is made up of 'Brains' and 'Brawn' challengers who will use their – you guessed it – brains or brawn to try to take out the top spot.
From Aussie sport stars to hard-as-nails prison guards, the Brawn tribe is set to be made up of some seriously intimidating contenders.
"I think people will definitely underestimate me because they'll think, 'He's a dumb ex footballer'," AFL legend Gavin Wanganeen said in this season's trailer.
"I'm ready to play. The beast comes out, so don't mess with me."

But don't underestimate the Brains tribe either – their wits and strategic thinking make them formidable challengers.
George is a "faceless man" in the Labor Party and is ready to pull people's strings to get ahead in the Brains tribe.
"I'll let the audience decide if I'm the hero, or the villain," he said.
With the show's premiere date less than two weeks away, fans won't have to wait long for the action-packed season to hit screens.

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