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EXCLUSIVE: Which recruits will make it to the end of the SAS Australia course?

''I nicknamed her the Terminator for a reason.''

By Laura Masia
It's been a long, uphill battle for the recruits on this season of SAS Australia.
Over the devastatingly difficult two-week course, the celebrities have dropped off one by one and now, only five tough recruits remain: retired NRL player Darius Boyd, reality star Locky Gilbert, Olympic diver Melissa Wu, NRLW player Millie Boyle and motorsports presenter Riana Crehan.
This week, as the course draws to a close, the recruits turn on each other as not everyone makes it through selection.
While Locky has succeeded at the physicality of the challenges, he struggled with his own hero complex. (Image: Seven)
For Locky, it's been a bumpy road. While he's succeeded at the physicality of the challenges, he struggled with his own hero complex and was constantly critiqued by the Directing Staff.
"It goes to show why I didn't go into the army, why I did team sport as a captain and why I started an adventure company where I had to be the leader.
"Being the hero is a strength for these things, but in the SAS scenario, it's not well-received," Locky, 32, admits to TV WEEK.
Five recruits remain. (Image: Seven)
While DS Clint Emerson thinks Locky has what it takes to keep going, chief instructor Ant Middleton isn't sure.
"He is learning, but he always reverts back to himself," Ant, 41, says. "He looks out for himself so much that he has been unsafe to himself and others."
Although Darius, Melissa and Riana have kept a low profile at camp, their courage and strength haven't gone unnoticed by the DS.
One of the biggest stand-outs is Millie Boyle. (Image: Seven)
"Melissa is as strong as an ox. Knocked down so many times but doesn't give up," Ant says.
"Riana has gone undetected, been consistent and always gives 110 per cent. Darius is a slow burner, and now he's heading in the right direction."
But one of the biggest stand-outs is Millie. "I nicknamed her the Terminator for a reason," Clint, 47, says. "She's a robot that kicks everyone's arse at everything."
There's no question that all five recruits have the grit it takes to make it to the end, but it's never that simple. Any misstep and they will be culled by the DS.
But this time, the DS aren't the only ones with the power to end someone's journey – the recruits do too. So who will they send packing?

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