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EXCLUSIVE: Erin McNaught reveals her perfect date night routine with husband Example, and who their kids are taking after the most

''I feel so spoilt sometimes.''

By Faye Couros
When Erin Mcnaught isn't dancing with pure elegance on Dancing With The Stars or flexing her impressive muscles on SAS, she is enjoying her love-filled life with her husband, English musician Elliot Gleave aka Example.
The couple have been married for almost a decade and share two sons together called Evander Maxwell, born in 2014 and Ennio Stanley, who came into the world in 2017.
As expected, their lives are quite busy and boisterous because of Erin's iconic modelling career and her husband's very busy music career.
The loved up couple make it work by finding time for each other. Instagram
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, the Redoxon ambassador reveals how she and her doting husband find time for each other despite the chaos of their successful careers and raising two young boys.
"We do sometimes stay up later than we should so we can have a proper catch up over a glass of wine, or we watch a movie together," she tells us.
"We are both really huge movie buffs and that is one way we love reconnecting and we love chatting about the movie and the different aspects of it.
"He actually studied film at university because he wanted to be a director, so once the kids are in bed we try to make time for each other, obviously we make sure that there are early nights as well."
The former Miss Universe stunner jokes when asked about how she finds time for herself that when she feels like some self-care is needed, she has no problem ushering Example out of the room to collect her thoughts.
Erin and Example filming a music video for his song Hits Your Eyes. Instagram
"I thankfully tell my husband to bugger off! He can be quite full-on sometimes, he is a performer so he is very busy, he is kind of go go go all the time.
"And then sometimes it gets a bit much and I have to say I need just half an hour to chill and catch up on my thoughts," says Erin.
For many people, good food is invigorating for the soul, and couples spend the week waiting for date night to eat restaurant-quality food and have a break from their uninspired home cooking.
There is no doubt Example spoils Erin with love every day, and that's proven through his songs dedicated to her, like the aptly named Erin released in 2020 and his heartfelt Instagram posts.
However, the reality star reveals the real perk of being married to Example is that he is an incredible and inventive cook, which is great for Erin but maybe less so for their young boys.
"My husband is the chef of the family he is insanely good... but at the same time his meals are so complex the kids are like, 'What is this dad we are not eating this,' so I am like 'You have to tone it down a bit and simplify it for the kids'."
"I cook the basics and he cooks all the complex stuff," she adds.
"I cook the basics and he cooks all the complex stuff." Supplied
Erin also explains to Now To Love the different dishes he likes to make, and it's envy-inducing.
"He does slow cooked pickled tacos, with homemade pickled onions and jalapeños and slaw, he does like really good hot pots and stews, he does anything and everything he kind of makes it up as he goes along, he is pretty good," recounts Erin.
Watching your child's personality grow is always an exciting time for parents who are ever-intrigued to see who their children are taking after most.
In the McNaught-Example household, their boys are the perfect mix of both their parent's personalities and looks.
"It is really funny actually the two of them are such a mix of both of us. The eldest is very much like my husband in that he is very one-track-minded and very focused on the task at hand, but he is very much like a scientist like me, he is really into science and engineering and the way things work.
"And then the youngest, he is just a people person, he is almost born to be a performer and yet he kind of looks like me and has the most of my qualities even though I was super shy as a kid, it was weird, it was such a mix," reveals Erin.
"It is really funny actually the two of them are such a mix of both of us." Supplied
It can be hard for parents to keep their children healthy in the winter months when they are surrounded by germs all day at daycare or school.
Kids can bring these germs into the house, so to protect herself from getting sick, Erin focuses on nutrition and exercise and takes some handy supplements, including Redoxon Immunity to boost her immune system.
"What you can do is try to keep yourself as healthy as possible by taking a supplement, washing your hands, trying to keep good hygiene, wiping down surfaces... that kind of thing.
"Also by trying to keep your home as clean as possible, that way if your kids do bring home germs they are less likely to pass it on to members of the family," explains Erin.