Retro reigns! Wife Swap is officially coming back to Aussie screens, and you can bet we've investigated every detail

Two wives, two very different worlds.

By Catie Powers
After the huge success of Married At First Sight, it seems as though people have an appetite for some spousal switching.
Well now, the all new series Wife Swap Australia is serving up a big juicy plate of marital chaos as wives are being made to leave their husbands for a whole new family, with a whole different set of a values, and a whole lot of entertainment for us.
Ever looked at how your friend Susan is raising her kids and thought, "I would never raise my own kids that way"?
Imagine, then, being forced to switch lives with Susan and live each day exactly as she does. It would be uncomfortable, chaotic and highly entertaining, right?
Luckily, you and Susan can remain firmly under your own roofs, with your own families, and with your own sets of rules as you simply watch other families struggle to switch lives in what is set to be a spectacularly explosive new series of Wife Swap Australia.
The brand new series Wife Swap Australia is hitting Channel Seven this month. (Channel Seven)

What happens on Wife Swap?

Basically, every episode sees two vastly different wives from two vastly different families attempt to switch lives and put each other's parenting styles to the test.
Each wife is tasked with writing a household manual full of rules on how to run their home. And, despite how tempting it may be to revert to their own methods, each wife MUST strictly follow each other's rules no matter how uncomfortable or opposing they may find them.
After that, the wives take back control and implement their own manual of rules which their new family must obey.
At the end of the swap, the two wives are reunited with their own families before both groups are put in a room together to discuss their individual experiences.
Two wives with vastly different lifestyles are being made to live under the other's roof. (Channel Seven)

Who is in the cast?

With every episode involving two different sets of families, we're bound to see an entire array of different characters on this season of Wife Swap.
In a new trailer for the highly anticipated show, we are given a glimpse of the first two families. And it is truly "Control vs. Chaos".
While one is described as a a "strict mum who runs her house like the military", the other is pegged as a "carefree mum with eleven chaotic kids". But, despite the old saying, it seems as though opposites don't attract this time around.
Indeed, it's clear from the get-go that the two women are not a fan of the way each other holds down their own fort. And they have no qualms letting it be known.
The first episode sees a "strict mum" face off against a "carefree mum" in what is set to be an explosive premiere. (Channel Seven)

When does Wife Swap premiere?

We don't have to wait long to see the absolute chaos that is bound to unfold as a result of these family shake-ups.
The explosive show is heading for our screens on Thursday, February 11th at 8.30pm on Channel Seven.
Just make sure you have a bowl of popcorn ready, we have a feeling it might be necessary.
This article originally appeared on our sister site, New Idea.