Trial By Kyle’s Anna Heinrich spills on what it’s REALLY like to work with Kyle Sandilands

The lawyer gives her verdict!

By NW team
Move over, Judge Judy!
Kyle Sandilands and Anna Heinrich are taking over the courtroom with Trial By Kyle.
The hilarious new series features celeb cameos from the likes of Shannon Noll and a string of outrageous new cases, and criminal lawyer Anna assures NW we'll be hooked!
Well, how can we object to that?!
Hi, Anna! So what is Kyle actually like to work with?
He's a big teddy bear. He was a lot more caring and compassionate than I thought he would be – and that's what he also brings to the cases.
Kyle Sandilands and Anna Heinrich are about to launch Trial By Kyle. (Source: Network Ten)
Is it hard to keep a straight face and stay professional with some of the sillier cases?
Yes! There are times when I just crack up – it's hard not to. I try to be as professional as I can, but sometimes it's extremely difficult. I never want to laugh at someone – I'm laughing at the situation.
Can you give us a hint of the craziest case we have to look forward to this season?
Honestly, they're all crazy in their own right, but some of the cases you're going to see are drag queens disputing over choreography, a daughter who broke her mother's bed while entertaining a partner, an Instagram model who broke his nose as a child when he was being looked after by his aunty... so he's actually suing for loss of earnings.
You're also going to see cheaters, tantrums, friendship break-ups and even objects flying across the courtroom. It's all in there!
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We can't wait! You and hubby Tim Robards did I'm A Celeb – would you ever compete on Survivor together?
At this stage, absolutely not. I don't think I could handle Survivor.
You've been doing long-distance while Tim works on Neighbours in Melbourne. Do you encourage him to quit and come home?
No! We're doing surprisingly well. We are a couple who can do anything when it comes to our relationship.
Kyle on the set of Trial By Kyle. (Source: Network Ten)
Has it pushed back your timeline for starting a family, though?
I don't think it's pushed that back in any way. When we want to start a family and it's right for us, that's when we'll start. Hopefully we can have one when we're ready. It's not always easy.
Trial by Kyle Premieres 8.30pm Thursday October 24 on Channel 10
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