This Super Switch contestant’s reaction to his girlfriend in tears is devastatingly brutal

“Now you’re gonna start crying and you’re gonna be the little victim”

By Erin Doyle
With new dating reality show The Super Switch right around the corner, new promos for series continue to showcase the troubled couples set to appear.
And in one such clip, an emotional argument between Kendrick and his partner Romina is featured in all its heartbreaking detail.
Kendrick and Romina's relationship is at breaking point, and as Romina describes it, Kendrick "gets into that place where he doesn't give a F."
During a strained conversation while the pair are travelling in a car, Romina breaks down in tears over the state of their relationship (seen in the clip above).
"I can never be happy with you," she wails.
But it's Kendrick's nonchalant response that is particularly savage.
Instead of comforting Romina, he tells her: "Now you're gonna start crying and you're gonna be the little victim."
Kendrick and Romina's relationship is at breaking point. (Image: Channel Seven/ Instagram)
In a separate scene, Kendrick admits to camera: "We have a lot of things at stake. Our business. Our love."
Kendrick and Romina are just one of six couples who will take on the ultimate relationship challenge, signing up for The Super Switch, which Channel Seven has dubbed "Australia's most controversial experiment".
And it already looks promising for dating show fans hoping to get their fix of car-crash television.
WATCH BELOW: See the explosive first look at The Super Switch. Post continues after video...
The Super Switch is a super-sized version of Seven Year Switch, where couples in flailing relationships swap partners in an attempt to fix their issues.
In another promo, fists and furniture fly as tension between the couples become too much and two men are embroiled in a violent pub brawl.
The emotional drama is just as intense, with couples seen going head to head at dinner parties in the promo after it emerges that an experimental couple had slept in the same bed.
But will all relationships still be in tact at the end of experiment? We can't wait to see!

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