In My Own Words: Sophie Monk on why she’s happier than ever

“Being home after 10 years in LA is a magical thing!”

By Sophie Monk
It's been a difficult year for the Love Island Australia host, but with a new show and romance, Sophie, 38, is happier than ever.
Here, in her own words, Sophie opens up about the year that was...
Wait, it's December already? The year has flown and has been one of the biggest roller-coasters of my life. (I've never loved roller-coasters – I'm more of a fairy floss on the Ferris wheel kind of chick.)
I've grown so much from all that's happened. Looking back, I'm a much better person for it. Along with all of the not-so-good, there was plenty of great in 2018.
After Love Island filming finished up, I found myself in Italy for the first time, with my bestie Oscar Gordon, working on a travel show we're shooting for the Nine Network.
After a roller-coaster year, Sophie Monk is happier than ever.
I'm not good at setting the scene, so Google "Santa Margherita" for our favourite spot. Who knew that Italy would have so many gluten-free options? And who would have thought that the paparazzi would even be able to track me down in Western Europe as I enjoyed eating them?!
We're co-producing the show with our company, Lazy Susan Productions. I love thinking creatively about what will connect with people. I'm a major advertising nerd. I also love finding solutions when things don't completely work out.
Like one day, we had limited time to shoot a cooking scene at a farm and the location just wasn't right. Cue the theme music from Mission: Impossible – I ran, in slow motion, through the beautiful Italian countryside to find just the right spot to film. It's a miracle no cameras were rolling, and that no animals were (seriously) harmed in this process.

A wonderful part of this year was my sister having her fourth baby, Arky, who has brought much joy to our family. I have a meeting coming up about freezing my eggs, but if it doesn't work out, maybe I can just have half her kids. Just an idea!
I want to have a child only if I have the right person by my side. I've recently met someone who is lovely and who wants to keep things low-key, which is nice for me, as I know he's sincere and his intentions are good.
I've honestly never been happier, and being home after 10 years in LA is a magical thing right now.
It's great – I can go to the dentist without him telling me about a rom-com he's auditioning for.

Working with Dad on a few things has been fun too, although he's starting to get more fans than me, which is mildly concerning. [Sophie's quirky dad Andrew makes regular appearances on Sophie's Instagram account.] His fans are legitimate too – they chant his name, push me out of the way – they're very grabby. But now he's down for anything. I think I heard him use the word "content" last week when speaking to my mum. Surely not!
The year has been a challenge, but there's an end in sight. Where will I be for Christmas? I'll be in slow motion again, but this time in a backyard, with a bartender and a slip 'n' slide. I'll let you use your imagination for that one...
Soph x

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