Shaynna Blaze’s meltdown on the set of Celebrity Apprentice revealed

The pressure is proving to be all too much for The Block judge.

By Woman's Day team
She's been the stoic judge on The Block for nearly 10 years, but Shaynna Blaze's famous iron-willed personality appears to be coming undone on the set 
of Celebrity Apprentice.
While filming an upcoming episode, the 58-year-old was seen looking ashen-faced as she bit her nails and buried her face in her hands while a producer looked worriedly on.
In another instance, the pressure seemed to be too much for the presenter as she was seen throwing her hands in the air, with an animated expression on her face.
Shaynna's fragility is in stark contrast to what fans expect from the usually glamorous and level-headed star, and it seems her bungled attempts in challenges and poor time management skills – which has seen her fall victim to Lord Alan Sugar's wrath on several occasions now – 
has fans questioning if everything is OK with her.
The show has tested Shaynna. (Image: Instagram)
"Shaynna is stuffing up a lot," wrote one fan on Twitter.
"I really expected Shaynna to be a leader, but it seems like she's struggling to work within a team," another said.
Shaynna is feeling the strain on the reality show. (Image: Channel Nine)
Recently Shaynna was tasked with buying groceries to make dumplings, however forgot the crucial ingredient – dough, which set her team back dramatically.
In an earlier challenge, 
she raised eyebrows among her team when she decided 
to use surfer Alex Hayes 
to pose despite having international model David Genat at their disposal.

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