From Angie Kent's would-be cameo to a pair of unlikely best pals: Holey Moley has some surprising behind the scenes secrets

It's Seven's wackiest show, but it looks like there's more going on behind the camera than in front...

By Woman's Day team
Channel Seven's new show Holey Moley has definitely lived up to its name - one may utter the words "holey moley!" more than a few times throughout each episodes duration.
But Woman's Day decided to look a little closer at the show's unique format, and what we found behind the scenes is far more dramatic than anything we're seeing on-screen.
Keep scrolling as we unpack 10 of the juiciest secrets from the wacky show.
1. The show borrows a huge amount of inspiration from the 2000 film Best In Show starring Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy, which was based around the cutthroat world of dog shows.
2. Costumes were imperative to building each contestant's backstory. They all had to send through at least six different looks for filming.
3. The average filming time was around six hours, with many of the shoots filming way past 2am!
Sometimes filming ran past 2am. (Channel Seven)
4. All contestants had to follow strict COVID-19 rules – with some even havin to complete 14 days of hotel quarantine, despite only filming for a couple of hours!
5. Golfing or minigolf experience wasn't necessary to apply, with casting agents instead looking for people who were "good at improvisation" and had a comedic or goofy element to them.
6. The set took more than eight weeks to construct!
The two hosts were actually super chummy. (Channel Seven)
7. While they're often seen bickering, commentators Matt Shirvington, 42, and Rob Riggle became best friends while filming.
8. The show was originally set to start production in the US last year, where the American format is filmed. However, due to COVID-19, filming had to be done in Australia. The set was packed and sent to Brisbane – the city was chosen as the weather is more reliable for outdoor filming.
9. Around 50 per cent of the jokes are scripted, but Rob, 50, improvises a lot of the humour.
10. The Bachelorette's Angie Kent was set to be a contestant but pulled out to shoot a movie.
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