Set Your Timer: The Great Australian Bake Off is back

Get ready to meet a new batch of hopeful home bakers!

By TV Week team
Television's most good-natured cooking competition, The Great Australian Bake Off, returns for its fourth season with expert judges Maggie Beer and Matt Moran.
Presenters Claire Hooper and Mel Buttle are also returning to the cake-filled halls of the Bake Off set, which is set to host 12 new home baking enthusiasts. As Maggie tells TV WEEK, this dozen of culinary competitors will impress.
"One of my favourite parts is the beginning when all 12 contestants are there," Maggie, 74, says. "They talk about their backgrounds and reasons for baking. It's always something that I find fascinating."
Judges Matt Moran and Maggie Beer, with hosts Mel Buttle and Claire Hooper.
The bakers' cuisines are influenced by places such as Italy, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.
"It gives breadth and real interest, particularly in the Signature Bake," she explains. "It is really about them and their culture is so much a part of them."
But this is a competition after all, and the title of Australia's Best Amateur Baker is on the line.
"It's hard because right from the beginning, someone has to go," Maggie notes. "And as they build their confidence up, it gets more difficult."
But one technique – choux pastry – may separate the good from the great.
"It's one of the things that so many have trouble with," Maggie says. "If you get through to Bake Off, I'd be home really refining choux pastry."
The judges meet the bakers!
In the end, only one can be named Australia's Best Amateur Baker, and we can't wait to find out who it is.
Set your timer, because The Great Australian Bake Off returns Thursday, October 3rd, 8:30pm, on Lifestyle on Foxtel.

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