Calling all Brisbane families - Gogglebox are casting for YOU!

Getting paid to watch TV?! Where do we sign?

By Jess Pullar
When it comes to ranking the world's best jobs, there are a few that come to mind.
There's personal shoppers who get paid to go shopping, we've got social media influencers who get showered in free goodies, and then there's the Gogglebox cast who get coin for literally sitting on their couches to watch TV.
Let's all just agree that the latter sounds like the ideal scenario - you don't even need to leave your house!
And by some stroke of luck for Brisbane locals, the job is well within reach as the show announces it is now casting two new households based in the Queensland city.
The reality TV show, which is currently airing its ninth season on the Ten Network, depicts people in their living rooms watching popular television shows, capturing their commentary and making for some quality comedic screen-time.
At present, the current cast is split 60/40 between Melbourne and Sydney-siders, which means their call to include families in Brisbane will be an exciting new addition to the 10th season.
"Now in our fifth year of production, it's time to expand, so it was decided (very wisely) to go north and capture the unique voice of the Queensland territory," executive producer, David McDonald explained.
WATCH: Gogglebox's best one-liners. Story continues below...
The show has seen a plethora of personalities grace the screen in its nine seasons, with comedic duo Angie Kent and Yvie Jones being among its most prominent breakout stars.
The pair, who have since left Gogglebox, recently appeared on the fifth season of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, where they enjoyed surprising success.
In fact, Yvie was only just pipped at the post to be named winner of the whole show!
Speaking to Now To Love about the jungle's stark differences to her experience filming Gogglebox, the runner-up explained:
"This was very different, obviously I didn't have our comfy couch to lie on - I didn't have my home comforts and I didn't have my dogs. But I did have my Angie, and that made all the difference."
Former Goggleboxers Angie and Yvie both appeared on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! earlier in 2019. (Image: Instagram)
Meanwhile, newcomers to Gogglebox Tim and Leanne, who are siblings, previously revealed to TV WEEK that they're a touch different from the rest of the cast.
"We're highly animated and opinionated, so expect us to be screaming at the screen – or tearing up at the drop of a hat!" Tim said.
"We're as obnoxiously opinionated as each other. Often we land on the same spot, but there have been instances where we vehemently disagree and sibling rivalry rears its ugly head."
Leanne and Tim were excited about joining the Gogglebox cast. (Image: Network Ten)
And whether you're the yell-at-your-TV type or even a silent face-puller as the insanity of Aussie TV shows incites all sorts of emotions, there's no denying there's a space on this show for anyone.
But for a dream job like this, you'll have to be quick - you can apply for the role here.
Godspeed - we can't wait to see which Queensland locals get picked for the seat of honour!

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