EXCLUSIVE: Why Hughesy can’t wait to judge the rest of Australia on Celebrity Gogglebox

''I can get emotional.''

By Woman's Day team
We're used to seeing everyday people commenting about TV shows on Gogglebox.
But now, some high-profile Aussies are inviting us into their living rooms and sharing their thoughts on the small screen, including funny man Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes!
Hughesy, what's the most exciting thing about being part of Celebrity Gogglebox?
I can't wait to be able to watch TV without the kids hassling us to change the channel to what they wanna watch. They can bugger off. Mummy and Daddy are watching TV for work.
I watch Gogglebox to see what people think of TV shows. Often they've been critiquing me, but they're generally very kind. Thankfully!
Comedian Dave Hughes is excited to judge Australia. (Image: Instagram)
What types of shows are you hoping to watch, and what don't you want to sit through?
I'm keen to watch reality TV shows. I love trying to get inside the minds of the participants – work out what's real and what they're putting on in an attempt to increase their social media following.
Also sport – any sport. I want [my wife] Holly to be forced to watch sport so maybe she falls in love with watching it and we can retire together with something to do together every day.
I don't want to watch the news. No news. I can't hold back when politicians are on the screen. I could get myself deported.
What's the last show you binge-watched?
I haven't binge-watched a TV show since Entourage about 15 years ago. The rest of the family are all over Manifest now, though. It's about a commercial flight that's lost then reappears after five years like it was the same day. As far as I can tell, it makes no sense whatsoever.
Hughesy's top TV snack has to be potato chips and admits he "could eat them all day." (Image: Instagram)
What are your go-to TV snacks?
I love potato chips. I could eat them all day, every day until I have to get craned out of my house for medical treatment.
Which of you is most likely to be a remote control hog?
My children gang up on me to control the remote. They're a ruthless gang. They show no mercy. I'm scared of them.
Do you get emotional watching TV?
I can get emotional. Holly made me watch The Rescue the other day. It's a doco about the rescue of the Thai boys' soccer team stuck in the cave that was flooded. It's on Disney+. I didn't exactly flood our lounge room with tears, but there was definite moisture at the happy ending.
"The kids scream at the TV watching my guesses on The Masked Singer." (Image: Ten)
Which of you is most likely to scream at the TV?
The kids scream at the TV watching my guesses on The Masked Singer. It's easy for them to judge my attempts at deciphering which singers are under the masks. They don't know the pressure of the lights and the cameras and Dannii Minogue.
Will Australia see a new side of you on Gogglebox?
Look out Australia. You've judged me on TV, now it's my turn!
Celebrity Gogglebox Wednesday, 7.30pm, on Foxtel Lifestyle & Thursday, 8.30pm, on Ten.

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