EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Jean Kittson reveals why Celebrity Apprentice was the hardest TV show she's ever worked on

''It's so incredibly complex behind the scenes.''

By Laura Masia
Jean Kittson has never shied away from a challenge. Since kicking off her television career in the early '90s, she's done almost every format the silver screen has to offer, from sitcoms to interviews to crazy live segments.
When she was invited to go on Celebrity Apprentice, the 67-year-old was excited to put her business acumen to the test, but she never expected how much work would go into creating a large scale reality television production.
"It's so incredibly complex behind the scenes," Jean reveals to TV WEEK.
Jean never expected how much work goes into creating a large scale reality TV production. (Image: Nine)
"Now that I understand reality TV a lot better, I realise it's really hard work. I've done a lot of television, almost every other sort, but I think this was the hardest show I've ever done and that's including performing seven minute monologues I've written the night before."
While Jean's first taste of reality television has opened her eyes, she has no plans on giving any other reality shows a go any time soon.
"I couldn't do the ones where you have to eat spiders or hang from your toenails on a cliff face and sleep in the jungle," she explains with a laugh.
"I'm not an outdoorsy person and I wouldn't be good at that. I'm not a cook, either so this one was perfect."
Despite the hard yards, the opportunity to meet new people and raise money for her beloved chosen charity, Taldumande Youth Services, was very special.
"They do such amazing work with young people who have found themselves in crisis," Jean shares.
Jean has thrived in the competition. (Image: Nine)
"I wanted to give them a chance to raise some money, but I knew at the very least I could raise awareness of the incredible work they do. Plus, one of my daughters works for them."
Now, her daughters couldn't be more keen to see their mum fight it out in the boardroom.
"They're both very excited," she says. "I think they're also waiting with bated breath to see how much of an idiot I look like."

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