Ben Fordham reveals the moment son Freddy left him speechless

He said what?!

By Zara Zubeidi
Australian Ninja Warrior host Ben Fordham loves being a dad to Freddy, four, and Pearl, one. And this September he'll welcome his third child with wife Jodie Speers.
He says the best part of being a father is "how funny your own children are" – and son Freddy proved just that recently when he asked Ben a question about his future brother or sister.
Ben loves being a dad to Freddy and Pearl. Image: Instagram
"I heard Jodie say 'I don't know, ask your dad' and then Freddy came up to me and said, 'When you and mummy made the baby, where was I?'" Ben tells TV WEEK.
"I looked at him and said, 'Mate, I don't know. You might've been in bed'. He goes, 'Why wasn't I there?' I said, 'Mate, you can't be everywhere at once!' Me and Jodie walked into the other room laughing".
The whole family can't wait to meet their new arrival later this year, especially Freddy and Pearl, who have already come up with their wish-list of names for their future sibling.
It includes Apple and Chocolate, as well as Butterfly – the latter of which Ben isn't too opposed to, surprisingly.
"Jodie just gave me the death stare [when I said that]", Ben laughs.
Ben with his co-host Rebecca Maddern. Image: Nine
As for his role as host on Australian Ninja Warrior, Ben can't wait to get stuck into the new season.
"We're really proud of what we've put together for season three," he reveals.
"We've combined all the best stuff from the last few years and put it all together. And there are a few people who've turned up this year who we've never seen, who shocked the living daylight out of us!"
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