Why Ben Fordham got in trouble with Australian Ninja Warrior producers

“I didn’t think anyone was watching!”

By Zara Zubeidi
Ben Fordham has landed his dream gig as co-host of Australian Ninja Warrior alongside Rebecca Maddern.
But the star tells TV WEEK that he ran into trouble with the show's producers after he thought he'd have a crack at the famous obstacle himself.
"I was told not to but I had a go when I thought nobody was watching," Ben reveals.
"I took some kids along to have a look behind the scenes and it was during the afternoon, so I didn't think anybody was watching. I pulled the covers off and started to run up it [the Warped Wall]."
Ben took a run at the Warped Wall...
Ben says producers confronted him a few hours later.
"They pulled me aside and asked if we could have a discussion about what had happened that afternoon. I said, 'What happened this afternoon?' And they said, 'You know there are cameras everywhere?!' I told them I wouldn't do it again!"
Despite Ben's best efforts, he has a long way to go before tackling the Ninja course properly.
"I didn't get anywhere near the top," he says.
"I'd need a ladder if I was going to get up the Mega Warped Wall. I can't even get up the normal one, and I've been on a bit of a fitness campaign for the last six to nine months!
"Do I see myself getting on the course one day? We will see. I actually think if Nine is willing to give me permission, I'm willing to have a crack at the course!"
Could Ben tackle the Ninja course?
Australian Ninja Warrior, Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Nine Network

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