Here is how the Geeks of Beauty and the Geek dressed up for their reality TV debut - and their transformations are rather dapper

Their sweet personalities always shine through.

By Faye Couros
After seven years, Beauty and the Geek is back, but this hit show has had a huge makeover, and its 2021 wholesome energy is the serotonin boost we all need.
From the ever-entertaining Sophie Monk to the intelligent beauties, the Geeks bring their own gusto and inner confidence to the show.
The ten Geeks who have made their reality TV debut have had to work with their original style to develop looks that will stand out on Australia's screens.
But this transformation didn't discard their initial aesthetic.
Instead, it accentuated what charisma they were already exhibiting by highlighting their most unique features.
This is one of the reasons why the show is more wholesome than its predecessors as it isn't putting down the quirks of these Geeks. Plus, it's celebrating everything they bring to the table – a wealth of talents, charms, and good humour.
Now that Australia has become acquainted with our wonderful Geeks let's revisit how they bloomed during the very first episode.
Here are the ten before and after moments that rocked our screens.

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