Beauty and the Geek's Michael and Tara confirm they are still together as they take huge step in their relationship

''We've fallen more in love.''

By Catie Powers
This season of Beauty and the Geek truly rivalled Married At First Sight when it came to successful couples - and it's not even a dating show.
We saw three pairs find some form of romance during their BATG journeys.
There was E-Sports champion Sam who formed an instant connection with content creator Angelique, Batman enthusiast Mike who fell for waitress Heidi, and, of course, children's entertainer Michael who was quickly besotted by mermaid performer Tara.
Michael and Tara formed a connection from the beginning. (Image: Nine)
Apart from their obvious similarities when it comes to their career paths, Michael and Tara quickly realised how much they had in common. And host Sophie Monk noticed too, pairing them together for the reality show.
Together, they helped each other come out of their shells and gain confidence, forming a romantic connection in the process and even sharing a couple of on-screen kisses.
Following Michael's highly-anticipated makeover, Tara was beside herself with happiness for her geek, running and leaping into his arms after the transformation debut.
"Never seen her move so fast in my life," the children's entertainer remarked of the endearing moment.
Will they go the distance? (Image: Nine)
If that wasn't enough to prove these two are the real deal, when Michael was put to the test with the advances of another woman, he told the stranger he was taken.
The flirter then dropped the "if things don't work out" line, to which the geek promptly replied: "I'm going to be with Tara forever."
And it seems Michael may have been onto something, because the couple are still VERY much together.
Sharing a joint Instagram post in August 2022 along with a slew of couple-y photos, the pair confirmed what all BATG fans had been waiting for.
"Are we still together? Absolutely we are 💜
"Thanks to Beauty and the Geek we had the opportunity to meet, and it wasn't long after the show wrapped that we also fell in love."
WATCH: Michael and Tara share their first kiss on Beauty And The Geek. Article continues after video
They went on to say that since the show has wrapped up, they've "fallen more in love" with each other.
"While we both went into this experience with open hearts, neither of us expected to come out the other side with the connection we've found with one another, and we couldn't be more grateful
"We hope that every person out there who has ever doubted their worth, been treated badly, or lost hope in themselves and in love, can see from us that the right love will come along when and where you least expect it ❤️."
In fact, so besotted are the couple that they have taken the next step and moved in together.
Speaking to our sister site New Idea, Michael dished on the moment he found out that his share house was going to be knocked down, leaving him with a decision to either sign a new lease or move in with his girlfriend.
"At this point we have fallen in love completely, and I do love Tara so much," Michael said (at which point Tara said "I love you too" in the background.)
"And I was thinking either it's a year of long distance at the start of our relationship or I move down to Melbourne."
Coincidentally, fellow BATG contestants Sam Mitchell and Alex Waters were in a similar situation.
"Sam and Alex had been talking about moving in together and I overheard them and kind of invited myself to join," Tara explained.
Now all four of them live together in a Beauty and the Geek alumni house.
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