EXCLUSIVE: Jess and James on their blossoming romance on Beauty And The Geek

There's one detail they won't spill.

By Laura Masia
When Beauty And The Geek cosplayer James puts on his Superman suit, he's as confident as the Man Of Steel himself.
Yet in his own clothes, the 25-year-old admits that he struggles with his self-esteem – especially when it comes to dating.
James has found a deeper connection with Jess on Beauty And The Geek. Nine
Coming onto the show, James was ready to push himself out of his comfort zone in the hope that he might build the confidence to start dating and have his first-ever kiss.
The last thing he expected was to find love with a beauty on the show.
After being paired with 23-year-old Jess, sparks flew.
And although it took them a little while to seal their union with a kiss, once they did, James was over the moon.
"I definitely felt more confident afterwards," James tells TV WEEK.
"The me that people see in costume – she saw that without me having to do that. She saw the other side. I've talked to her about things I haven't with anyone else."
Jess and James shared a sweet kiss on the show. Nine
While James is revelling in his newfound confidence, it's not until the pair compete in a gym-class challenge in which they're asked to host a yoga class that the physical attraction amps up for Jess.
"James is so good at these challenges and surprises me every time," she says.
"He did this little move – he had his hands down by his side, pushing himself up off the ground. It's hot!"
As for the future of their blossoming relationship? We'll have to wait and see.
"We have all these common interests and he's just so genuine, gentle and always there for you," Jess says.
"He's always the first to pull out your chair, whether it's me or one of the other girls.
"We share a really good friendship, and I'm a believer that friendships spark relationships."
For James, their meeting feels like it was destiny.

"I'm so glad I decided to go on this show," he says.
"Jess and I have lived in the same town our whole lives, visited the same places over and over, and yet never came across each other. Without this show, I never would have met her.
"There really is no-one else like her. She's great to be around – and beautiful too."

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