"We're still going strong": Are Beauty and the Geek's Mike and Heidi still together?

''This is only just the beginning.''

By Catie Powers
Although they weren't paired together from the beginning of the season, there was a spark from day one between Beauty And The Geek's Heidi and Mike.
Eventually, host Sophie Monk noticed their chemistry and coupled them up for their BATG journey.
Love was well and truly in the air this season, with Mike and Heidi one of three matches who found more than friendship during their time on the show.
There were sparks between Mike and Heidi from day one. (Image: Nine)
The Batman fanatic was instantly besotted with waitress Heidi, remembering sweet details about the 19-year-old from the get-go.
Eventually, the 20-year-old plucked up the courage to hand Heidi a wish to put in her wish jar, which read: "I wish to take Heidi on her first date."
The geek's wish came true and the rest, as they say, was reality TV history.
From Heidi's reaction to Mike's impressive makeover, to the couple's highly-anticipated kiss during a slow dance, to a 'therapy session' with Sophie Monk where they both agreed they could see a future together, it's clear that the pair formed a strong bond on the show.
Mike was all smiles following his makeover. (Image: Nine)
Following their elimination after they lost to fellow pair Bri and Chris, both Mike and Heidi shared gushing tributes to each other on their respective Instagrams.
"I want to start off by saying the absolute biggest thank you to @mikegambaro for making me become a better version of myself," the waitress began her post.
WATCH: Hedi and Mike kiss on Beauty and the Geek 2022. Article continues after video
She continued: "All my life I have struggled with opening up, showing affection and loving myself but with a click of a finger mike made all of that go away. Mike has made me feel loved and appreciated properly for the first time in my life ever, there's a reason why you can see a big smile on my face every episode. Thank you for being the most incredible companion in this experience, you will forever be a huge part of me."
Meanwhile, Mike was equally as complimentary towards Heidi in his own tribute.
They remain on good terms. (Image: Nine)
"While all good things must come to an end, this is only just the beginning…" he penned.
"To Heidi, I don't even know where to begin with you. I'm always saying "you're amazing" but amazing isn't a good enough word to truely put into perspective of who you are to me. I'll be forever grateful to have gone through this experience with you. I've loved living in the moment with you for every step of the way."
During tonight's finale, when Sophie asked if they were still together on the outside, Heidi was quick to reply: "Still going strong."
So it's looking good for the couple so far!
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