The shocking comment Australia's Got Talent's Nicole Scherzinger made to a nine-year-old

Did she cross the line?

By Anita Lyons
When pint-sized rocker, Taj Farrant took to the Australia's Got Talent stage on Sunday jaws around the country dropped to the floor.
The nine-year-old proved that not only is he the coolest kid in history, but boy can ROCK a guitar!
After seeing Angus Young from AC/DC perform when he was just seven, the young guitar prodigy told his dad: "I'm doing this. I want to do this for the rest of my life!"
"Something happened to him that night," his dad told the cameras. "It was just crazy. He's obsessed."
Understandably, his performance was absolutely INSANE - watch it in the video player above!
After his act, not only did the audience go nuts for him but so did the judges; Manu Feildel, Shane Jacobson, Lucy Durack and Nicole Scherzinger.
But it was the last judge, Nicole and her umm, shocking comments, who had us going: "what did she just say?!"
Taj Farrant rocks a guitar like Slash! (Source: Channel 7)
"I love rock music," Nicole started off by saying. "You probably don't know this about me because, you know, you're two... but I felt like if I closed my eyes, I felt like I was at a rock concert."
"I'm going to try and make sure I say this the right way," she continued. "But like normally at rock concerts in America, chicks are like taking their bras off and stuff..." while pretending to wave a bra around her head.
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Suffice to say, Taj did not like the comment...
Taj was not impressed! (Source: Channel 7)
And neither did Manu...
Ummm, say what? (Source: Channel 7)
But it wasn't the only shock of the evening.
For the last act of the night, we were introduced to ahem, artist, Tim a.k.a Pricasso (and no, the "r" is not a mistake...)
Hailing from the UK, Tim dreamt of being an artist from a young age - and at the age of 70, he entered a portrait in the Archibalds.
When Ricki-Lee ask if he "sold his works", he said: "I'm probably Australia's most prolific artist!"
While his artistry is something to behold in itself, it was HOW he makes his art that had viewers in utter shock.
Pricasso, in his "get-up". (Source: Channel 7)
"I'm going to paint a picture of one of you, using my willy," the cheeky artist told the crowd.
"Hence 'Pri-casso'," Nicole said, while adding a bemused: "Happy painting?"
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Yup, he just did that...and the resemblance is certainly uncanny!
The resemblance is uncanny! (Source: Channel 7)
"I have so many questions," Shane said in disbelief after the performance.
Manu then makes Shane sign it - with his finger - but he uses the paint that had been dipped with the... well, you know!
What an absolute ride this first episode was!