Reality TV’s most bangin’ babes share their health and fitness tips just in time for summer

From the 80/20 diet to drinking more water and eating smaller meals, these five ladies expose their top health secrets.

By Emma Shepherd
What do Mel Manson, Melissa Lucarelli, Monique Morley, Daisy Richardson and Tess Cattana all have in common?
Well, besides appearing on the biggest reality shows of the year, they're all fit AF! Getting into their swimmers for NW's Spring Body Special, the fab five spill the beans on everything health and fitness.
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If #squadgoals was still a thing, we'd want in on this party of five! Source: Rob Shaw/Bauer Media
Daisy from Survivor
Daisy says going on Survivor was one of the hardest things she's ever done. Living off just 800 calories of beans and rice per day, the 24-year-old lost roughly 4.2kg while in Fiji – so she made a conscious decision to tone up and build muscle when she got back to, er, reality.
"I threw myself into boxing, started swimming and I'm into the whole paddock-to-plate lifestyle," reveals Daisy, who actually grew up on a cattle station.
"I eat lots of lean meat with vegies. Dinner is usually a fresh salad with chicken or turkey, and breakfast is Greek yoghurt with nuts and fruit topped with soy milk." Yum!
WATCH: Daisy reveals her weight loss on Australian Survivor. Story continues below...
"I'm all about the paddock-to- plate lifestyle," Daisy tells NW Source: Rob Shaw/Bauer Media
Mel from The Block
Most reality stars confess they gain a couple of cheeky kilos during filming– but that wasn't the case for Mel.
While the 31-year-old reno queen admits The Block was seriously stressful, she tells us that it didn't affect her weight or her health. As for a top tip for staying in, er, tip-top shape, Mel swears by 80/20 eating.
"I don't believe in diets, but I do think that you should stick to 80 percent eating clean and 20 percent indulge. On weekends, I eat what I want, when I want. Keep moving and don't snack!"
"I believe in the 80/20 diet!" spills Mel. Source: Rob Shaw/Bauer Media
Monique from The Bachelor
She didn't win Matt Agnew's final rose, but Monique still scored legions of male (and female!) admirers thanks to her gorgeous body.
So how does she get it? Along with living an active lifestyle (the Instagram model skis, wakeboards and swims!), Monique, 26, tells us that intermittent fasting really works for her.
"My secret is simple: Move more, eat less and drink plenty of water. Also during the hours you do eat, make sure they're healthy meals and no carbs." Despite the compliments she gets, Mon adds, "I don't think your image should be what defines you as a person."
"H2O is the way to go!" Mon admits to NW Source: Rob Shaw/Bauer Media
Melissa from Married at First Sight
Weddings are meant to be a joyous occasion for a bride – but Married At First Sight star Mel says watching her fake nuptials was extremely tough as it was the moment she realised she'd packed on the pounds.
Then and there, she decided to get fit. "In the lead-up to going on MAFS, I put on so much weight – it was all the stress of marrying a stranger," Mel, 39, confesses.
"I wasn't sleeping... but I was eating." Since filming ended, she's become an ambassador for Celebrity Slim shakes. "I have three shakes a day and one meal," she explains. "I dropped a whole dress size – about 6kg!"
"I've dropped a dress size!" Mel tells NW. Source: Rob Shaw/Bauer Media
Tess from The Block
She's always been naturally thin, but Tess unconsciously lost weight while on The Block, thanks to those gruelling days on set. In fact, she admits she didn't eat for two whole days. Eek – not good, babe!
Now the 28-year-old tells us that it's so important to remain strong and physically fit, and not just focus on getting skinny.
"I always make sure I stay active and move my body every day for at east 40 minutes," she explains to NW during our shoot. "Mornings I always have a smoothie, then a lot of smaller meals throughout the day. I eat a lot of turkey mince and vegetables, and also
cut out bread."
"I eat small meals during the day," Tess admits. Source: Rob Shaw/Bauer Media

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