Rebecca Maddern spills on the return of Australian Ninja Warrior

The hit show is back!

By TV Week team
While the first two seasons of Australia Ninja Warrior haven't produced a winner, it could be a case of third-time lucky. The series' host Rebecca Maddern spills to TV WEEK what's in store for the third season of ANW, and who we should keep our eyes peeled for! (Hint: we already know them.)
The obstacle course has moved from Sydney to Melbourne this year. What can we expect?
Isn't it exciting? Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia, so it makes sense to have the best sport/entertainment show in this city. The show has a whole new look and feel, too! A little secret: the competitors are even more skilled than last year.
Rebecca Madern returns to ANW.
The prize money has increased, too, from $200,000 to $300,000! And even if there's no winner, the ninja who makes it the furthest will take home $100,000. How's this impacted the competition?
The prize money takes it to a whole new level, probably more for the audience, though. The great thing about our competitors is that they aren't in it for the money – they didn't even know anything about the prize money when they auditioned. All they want is the glory of being the first Australian Ninja Warrior. It certainly adds another whole layer of anxiety for the viewers, though!
Who's been your most memorable ninja to date?
That's a really tough question, but the stand-out for me would have to be Olivia Vivian [who made it to the grand final in season two].
Last season saw 24 ninjas make it to the grand final, but no one finished the course.
Are there any returning ninjas we should watch out for?
Our rock climbers from last year – keep a very close eye on them!
Have you attempted the course?
Yes, and I smashed it! [Laughs.] But because I'm the host, I'm unable to be crowned Ninja Warrior.

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