Newlyweds Tim and Rod Crowned the Winners of The Amazing Race Australia

Congratulations are in order!

After 23 days of ping-ponging around the world, Tim and Rod were crowned winners of The Amazing Race Australia on Tuesday night.
The "excited" newlyweds were awarded $250,000 in prize money after beating out 10 other teams, including Jasmine and Jerome and Viv and Joey in the finale.
"Watching it back last night was so exciting, just goosebump material," Rod tells TV WEEK after their win. "It still feels like a dream, but I think it's starting to sink in."
Tim and Rod win The Amazing Race Australia. Image: Channel 10
Despite pulling off a major victory, Tim admits they weren't confident in the final leg of the competition in Darwin.
"The race, in a nutshell, is crazy. You think you're doing well and then it all comes crashing down around you, then you pick yourself back up and start slaying again," he says.
"It pretty much came back to that puzzle challenge where we got our clue before the other teams. We can't believe it happened. We're over the moon."
After host Beau Ryan confirmed the boys had won, Tim proposed to Rod in a heart-warming scene. "When Rod proposed to me at the start of the year it was absolutely fantastic, but it frustrated me a little bit because I always wanted the opportunity to do it," he reveals.
WATCH: Tim proposes to Rod after winning The Amazing Race Australia. Story continues after video...
So how do the pair plan to spend their prize money? With another adventure and a vow renewal, of course.
"We've always said we want to go to Las Vegas and go the White Chapel where Britney [Spears] got married and renew our vows," Rod says. "So we're off to Vegas and then we're going to Disney World after for a little Honeymoon #3."
"The Amazing Race was the greatest adventure of our lives and we're going to create our own amazing race together and race around the world," Tim adds.
"So I think we're most excited for that. We also want to buy a new car each, and maybe shout our families and friends some really over the top Christmas presents."
Tim and Rod celebrate their victory. Image: Channel 10
The happy couple became quick fan-favourites on this year's show, and confirm they'd love to return to our screens for a show like Gogglebox Australia in the near future.
"Doing crazy, random adventures is absolute goals for us," Tim says. "So no matter what form that comes in - whether that's another TV show or just travelling around - if we can do something together it would be a fun adventure."

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