"No hot water, no showers, no flushing toilets, sleep & food deprived": Former Bachelorette Ali Oetjen reveals what it was REALLY like filming SAS Australia

Toto, we're not at the Bachelorette mansion anymore.

By Bella Brennan
SAS Australia is less than a week away and now, one of the reality show's cast members is lifting the lid on just how gruelling the conditions were.
Taking to Instagram on Monday evening, former Bachelorette beauty Ali Oetjen opened up about her time on the show, which sees 17 Aussie celebrities pushed to the limit as they participate in an extreme training course for induction into the army's Special Forces unit.
"It didn't feel like we were being filmed because I was just trying to survive! I wasn't Ali, I was #16," the 34-year-old said.
With intense physical and psychological challenges, including sleep deprivation and interrogation, Ali admitted she's never been through anything like it.
"We didn't take anything in apart from the clothes we were wearing. We were issued a backpack with everything we needed. No hot water, no showers, no flushing toilets. Sleep & food deprived, riddled with adrenaline, fear & exhaustion," the personal trainer explained.
"The physical pain like cuts on my throat, hands all cut up, blistered feet, black & purple bruises which covered my legs and arms weren't the worst thing. The WORST thing was the cold & calming my mind to keep going!"
"Freezing temperatures ALL the time with no respite, being wet with the chill winds made it so much worse. -5 to 8 degrees!"
"It didn't feel like we were being filmed because I was just trying to survive! I wasn't Ali, I was #16." (Image: Channel Seven)
The BIP alumni signed off her post with the hashtags "#warriorwomen #womenempowerment #strongwomen #saswhodareswins #saswhodareswinsaustralia #sasaustralia."
Accompanying Ali's post was a teaser video showing the first-look of her time on the show. From boxing, being kidnapped, dragged through mud, abseiling between cliffs and free-falling out of a helicopter, the reality star was indeed put through her paces.
"I'm doing this because I want to prove I'm more than the reality TV star girl. I want to put myself into those fearful challenges. That is how I'm going to grow into a stronger person. The reality is, I don't know how strong I'm going to be doing this," Ali admits in the teaser.
"I'm doing this because I want to prove I'm more than the reality TV star girl." (Image: Channel Seven)
The star's post was quickly flooded with messages of support from her famous friends.
"OH MY GOD!!!! This looks so intense!!!!! Girl! The Bachelorette is feckin hard on ones soul and emotions, now this! you're a machine! So proud of you!!!!" 2019 Bachelorette Angie Kent said.
"Yeessss!!! This is awesome 👏🏽," Angie's ex-boyfriend Carlin Sterritt penned.
"Mother of dragons! 🐉," Ali's SAS castmate Jackson Warne joked in reference to Game Of Thrones.
Ali tears up just moments before she jumps out of a helicopter. (Image: Channel Seven)
While there's no denying SAS is on a whole other level of hard, behind the scenes the newly single stunner, who split from Bachelorette winner Taite Radley in July, has been working hard on getting into peak physical condition for the show.
Earlier in the month, the wellness guru's enviable abs caused quite the stir when she uploaded a video of herself working out to social media.
Like a blonde version of "Wonderwoman". Go Ali," one person wrote.
"You look phenomenal. Those abs! Ripped," added another.
Ali recently told fans she'd been working to heal her heart by prioritising her healthy habits.
"Meditation, Yoga, exercise, nature, cooking, family, friends and focusing on my goals allows for my peaceful spirit to just be," she explained.
The Bachelorette star like you've never seen her! Ali jumps out of a helicopter. (Image: Channel Seven)

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