My Kitchen Rules

Will MKR's Alex and Emily quit the show?

'Enough was enough!'

It's the most dramatic season of My Kitchen Rules yet. From Kim's mysterious disappearance to the all-female team said to be kicked off the competition mid-season, there's been no shortage of gossip-worthy action.
But it seems all the bickering and backstabbing became too much for cute cocktail couple Emily and Alex – the pair hint they almost pulled the pin!
"Honestly, it was a little bit uncomfortable," Emily, 27, says of the incredible tension between teams throughout the cooking competition.
"We weren't interested in the drama. Our careers and food dreams mean everything to us. We would never want to do something to jeopardise that."
Alex and Emily looking on as fellow contestants Georgie and Alicia from (Group 2) are cooking away.
Recalling the moment the pair from Queensland almost quit, Emily says Alex, 35, simply cracked.
"I think Alex thought enough was enough," the restaurant supervisor explains. "He just didn't want to put up with it because he didn't want to sit at a table with everyone arguing all the time."
Alex previously admitted to TV WEEK that he and Emily started smoking again to deal with all the intense stress of the contest.
"The stress made me take it up again," Alex, 35, said at the time. "I smoked a lot more during production. Both Emily and I did."
"We were physically and utterly exhausted," Emily adds.

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