My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules' Stella on why she walked way from cooking

The drama of MKR sent Stella off the boil.

By Thomas Mitchell
Despite making it to the final week of My Kitchen Rules, it seems the emotional ups and downs during this season have turned Stella off planning a future in food for good.
The Perth waitress admits to TV WEEK that the drama towards the end of the season became too much.
"We [she and friend Jazzey] didn't go on the show to be a part of anything like that," the 21-year-old said.
"It was like that a lot of the time."

Stella points to the controversial exit of Sonya and Hadil after remarks they made as the moment she realised events had gone too far.
"I didn't expect for that type of thing to happen," she continues.
"It was a bit bizarre to deal with and just went too far. We're up for a laugh and a joke, but that was a bit hectic."
Stella adds the pressure of the competition, and all the delicious food on offer, caused her to put on weight.
"It's hard to stay healthy during production," she concedes.
"You're eating so much food and aren't really able to get out and be active."
Stella wants a career in music, not food.
The physical and financial strain of the competition, coupled with overdose of infighting drove Stella to quit cooking and focus on her original love – music.
"I'm right back into it and I know now that's my dream, to be a singer- songwriter," Stella says.
"I love cooking, but music is my dream now, not food."

Stella isn't the only one to think the 'hectic' fighting took things too far, with fans slamming the pair for the show for choosing to focus on the drama over the food.
In an interview with TV WEEK, judge Pete Evans defended the show, saying it's "what the viewers want."
"People are intrigued to see how each relationship dynamic plays out or how the teams form friendships throughout the competition," he says.
"It's always a mixed bag – I think that's one of the drawcards."

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