My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules: Victor twirls a knife in this sinister new sneak peek

What is going on here?

Last year we had a My Kitchen Rules first when Manu excused Sonya and Hadil from the table, but it looks like things have gone way more sinister this year. And Josh and Austin don't appear to be the reason for it!
In a new trailer for the super dinner parties, contestant Victor Aeberli is shown twirling a knife before storming out of Josh and Austin's instant restaurant closely followed by his partner G Shanker. But why?
Watch the moment in the player above!
In the clip, it seems the pressure of the competition has hit boiling point with Victor looking visibly angry and upset while playing with a knife. And the spooky sound effects don't ease the tension.
The trailer also shows beauty queen Piper O'Neill looking concerned and eventually following Victor outside to presumably comfort him. Could this be because of their rumoured relationship?
Victor opened up to TV WEEK saying he and Piper became "quite close" after she and partner Veronica Cristovao asked for some cooking critique on the show.
"When they made it out of elimination, we had a celebration, and yeah − she and I did get quite close."
Veronica and Piper and Victor and G became very close during filming. (Image: Channel Nine)
Despite this close relationship though, Woman's Day reported that the competition was at the forefront of Victor's mind and Piper, who had separated from her husband Jordan just before MKR began shooting, was blindsided.
"Victor was telling Piper everything she wanted to hear, to make her feel loved and wanted," Woman's Day's on-set spy explains. "He didn't mean half the things he said to her."
On a night out with the rest of the cast, Victor allegedly brought another woman along, effectively putting an end to his fling with Piper, in front of everyone.
"She was embarrassed and heartbroken – it was really bad," says the source.
And that's not the only on-set romantic drama we've seen this season.
WATCH: MKR's Bianca talks about her relationship with Matt on The Morning Show. Post continues...
Cricket lover Matt Gawthrop became close with teammate Bianca Braun.
"Beneath her strong personality, she has a caring heart," he explained to TV WEEK. "We were close; there's no denying that."
Bianca, who's competing with frenemy Pat, also hinted at romance rumours when she said, "He lives in Newcastle [in NSW] and I'm in Melbourne. If we lived in the same state, I'm sure it would be a different story, but we don't."