My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules: All of Josh and Austin's outrageous quotes

Could these two be the most hated brothers in Australia right now?

By Alex Lilly
There's one team everyone is talking about on this year's season of My Kitchen Rules and it's not for a nice reason.
Western Sydney brothers Josh and Austin have managed to insult virtually everyone at the table and have received backlash not just from the contestants, but from fans of the show watching at home.
In the few episodes we've seen, they've mimicked their South American competitors, likened Romel to Woody from Toy Story and have not made many fans.
Once they learned that the boys were home-schooled, the other teams quickly realised that they lack certain social etiquette skills.
"They don't hold back. They're just full-on. They're intelligent, but they're also very, very rude and disrespectful. That caused a lot of problems with us," Ibby told TV WEEK.
Even Friendly Pirate Ash didn't hold back. In an exclusive chat with Now To Love he told us, "I originally honestly thought they were putting it on until I spent a couple of months with them and realised it wasn't just around the table."
"I thought maybe they're just trying to make a name for themselves as the bad guys on the table, but that's who they are. They're not trying to make a name for themselves, I think they think that's the way they should be."
Even Josh and Austin themselves admit they love to stir the pot and suffer from bouts of "word vomit."
We've rounded up the best of the worst comments the two home-schooled brothers have ever said and some of them will leave you in shock!
Let the word vomit begin! (Image: Instagram @mykitchenrules)
On meeting the teams and judges for the first time
"You guys are all actually really old."
When Ash went for a hug as he greeted them to their instant restaurant
"Don't touch me."
At Stacey and Ash's instant restaurant
"Honestly I think everyone is speaking a different language so I'll just say this really slowly," to which Romel told the camera, "If. Josh. Speaks. Slowly. To. Me. Again. I'm going to lose my s----."
On tasting Stacey and Ash's tuna tartare
"It's flavourless, I'm literally eating just solid matter...the wasabi mayo was a damp mess."
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After saying Stacey and Ash look nicer than the rest of the teams
"Those guys are nicer than all you fake people."
To Jodie-Anne and Mick
"We thought that you were a lesbian and that was your gay best friend."
Gesturing to Karito and Ian and Ibby and Romel
"What you two, I thought, were in common was that you both had like, mail-order brides but the gay version."
To Ruby and Andy
"We though that you were like a sassy plastic chick with the friend who you brought along to make yourself look prettier."
Do you think Josh and Austin are funny or just plain fools? (Image: Channel Seven)
After the teams told them they were being offensive
"These guys are emotionally challenged and I don't think they have a sense of humour."
"I sometimes feel guilty for making people so upset. But then I realise that it's their problem they are so emotionally fragile."
To Jodie Anne
"What are you wearing? At 50, that's not a good look."
Upon seeing Mick and Jodie Anne's instant restaurant
"I get an understanding of Mick and Jodie-Anne that they haven't been exposed to much culture."
Their reaction when Andy and Ruby said they eat guinea pigs (a South American delicacy)
"Savages with clothes on."
They don't look exactly guilty for saying what they've said. (Image: Channel Seven)
When they saw Mick and Jodie Anne's main course
"It's not a Beef Wellington it's a Weight Watchers snack."
To Romel
"You look like Randall from Monsters Inc...with the big f---ing nose and like nine legs."
They also mentioned he looked like Woody from Toy Story and shared comparison photos on their Instagram account.
When Amanda mentioned that one of her girlfriends would find Josh good looking
"They're only human."
When the table were discussing Lesley's secret personality
"Lesley has seen things, she has done things and she is way too old for that."
When Ibby and Romel said they were serving dessert featuring camel milk
"Do camels have udders?
Will these guys get all the way to the grand final? (Image: Instagram @joshaustinau)

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