My Kitchen Rules

Are My Kitchen Rules' Josh and Austin actors? This acting profile makes us think they could be

Fans think the controversial brothers are too bad to be true.

By Alex Lilly
The first instant restaurant of My Kitchen Rules 2019 has gone off with a bang, and it's all thanks to controversial brothers, Josh and Austin.
Viewers were left in shock by some of the comments made around the table by Josh in particular, from calling Romel the "gay version" of a mail-order bride and then speaking to Ruby about her teammate Andy, "We thought that you were like a sassy plastic chick with a friend who you brought along to make yourself look prettier."
And while the comments sent shock waves around Australia, people are starting to think that the outspoken duo aren't even real, but actors brought in to shake up the drama.
"Really??? @mykitchenrules We're meant to be buying this bull----?? Can we get some cooks instead of "actors" going nowhere??" one viewer tweeted.
"Are some of these people ACTORS? Shame!" another penned.
But things got real when one person tweeted a screenshot and link to the Sydney Talent Company's page on actor Joshua Bonwick.
And according to his profile, the 25 year-old reality contestant has graced the screens with roles including 'Medic' in Mel Gibson's 2016 war flick, Hacksaw Ridge as well as 'Waiter #1' in short film Mon Purse and 'Boyfriend' in an Optus commercial.
"@Channel7 not even hiding the fact they hire actors to play the villains," the tweet read.
Josh has quite the list of skills. (Image: Sydney Talent Company)
According to his profile, Josh's skills include accents ranging from various American accents to Aboriginal Australian and Jamaican as well as swimming, archery, BMX biking, kayaking and of course, cooking.
While the evidence is pretty damning and suggests that Channel Seven have hired actors, it could just be a coincidence.
If you've ever wondered whether the show is real or fake, plenty of the show's former contestants have come forward and said that the people and cooking are all real, though it may seem too dramatic to be true at times.
When asked about the MKR's biggest myths on the 10th anniversary special, season seven's Jordan Bruno said, "My favourite is, 'You're a paid actor on MKR aren't you? And I was like; one, yes I've got lots of talent, two, none of them are acting."
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Even their fellow teammates figured Josh and Austin must be paid actors.
"I'm like, 'This is fake, it's got to be scripted,'" Blake told TV WEEK. "It was very tongue-in-cheek when I said it. It was funny, because a few people thought the same thing."
And the cheeky brothers admitted that they would trick the other teams into thinking they were working from a script.
"We would mess with them," Austin, 22, says of their tactics on the show, adding that they would leave the room together and come back whispering.
How far will Josh and Austin go in the competition? (Image: Instagram @joshaustinau)
In fact, fellow contestant Ash, one half of the Byron Bay engaged sweethearts Stacey and Ash, says that Josh and Austin's attitude to everyone, whether cast, crew or strangers is pretty bad.
"To be totally honest, I think they're probably worse off-camera than they are on-camera," he confessed.
Speaking exclusively to Now To Love the Friendly Pirate said, "I originally honestly thought they were putting it on until I spent a couple of months with them and realised it wasn't just around the table."
"I thought maybe they're just trying to make a name for themselves as the bad guys on the table, but that's who they are. They're not trying to make a name for themselves, I think they think that's the way they should be."
"It's going to be interesting, I've already seen the public's reaction to them. I was expecting it but I wonder if they were expecting it to this extent."
Friendly Pirate Ash says the brothers are worse off-camera than they are on-camera. (Images: Instagram @joshaustinau/@thefriendlypirate)