My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules EXCLUSIVE: Amanda opens up about her Married At First Sight comments

''I definitely don’t need a TV show to marry a stranger at all.''

By Alex Lilly
Loud and proud brother sister duo Blake and Amanda may not have made it through to the My Kitchen Rules finals but there's one show Amanda definitely won't be appearing on.
Perth native Amanda recently revealed her opinions of the Married At First Sight brides, in particular Jessika Power and Martha Kalifatidis and didn't hold back. But in an exclusive chat with Now To Love, the MKR star has revealed the response she's been getting, and you may be surprised.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Amanda said of the MAFS stars, "No one wants to buy the cow if you're giving the milk out for free...That makes Perth girls look desperate."
"I was like 'What? You slutty b----es. What are you doing'?"
However, Amanda hasn't had to deal with many trolls with only one or two more negative comments coming through and many people actually supporting what she said.
"A lot of people have said that I said what everyone else has been thinking so it's been a good honest thing to read," Amanda revealed to us.
Amanda had some words to say about MAFS' Martha and Jess. (Image: Channel Nine)
"I did say all of those things so it's not like I was lying or any of those things were amped up differently to how I said it. A lot of people have been saying 'Do you not like Jess [Power]?' and I was like I don't even know her. Someone said to me, what do you think of MAFS and I said what I thought."
"I don't actually know those women individually to make a judgement on their character, I made a judgement on the show as a whole. I didn't have much to comment on apart from the one episode I saw."
It's safe to say that Amanda, who is in a long term relationship anyway, will not be appearing on the reality dating show.
"Definitely not trying out for MAFS. I happened to meet my boyfriend in a very natural, normal situation, didn't need Bumble or Tinder or any of those things and definitely don't need a TV show to marry a stranger at all."
Amanda starred on MKR with her brother Blake. (Image: Channel Seven)
After a tense elimination cook off, Amanda and Blake were unable to beat Lyn and Sal, but confessed they'd made some solid friendships thanks to the show.
When their close friends Stacey and Ash had to leave the competition for health reasons, Amanda confesses it was very hard for her and her brother.
"When you're away from home and you've got the stress of the competition that you're not used to in everyday life and then you meet people who are like your friends from home or like a slice of family to have with you, it's a really comforting thing," she says.
Amanda and Blake formed a close bond with Stacey and Ash. (Image: Instagram @amandaproudashian)
"Obviously as the competition goes on people leave because of the nature of the competition but to have someone leave in a different way it was a real shock and we were just frazzled by that. Blake was gutted, he was crying on TV. They're two of the nicest people you could possibly meet."
In fact, the brother and sister are hoping for an invitation to the Friendly Pirate and his bride-to-be's upcoming wedding.
"There's no pressure, if they invite us that's awesome but no pressure. They said they would invite someone from the show but I also know they want to keep it quite small and intimate so whatever suits what they want to do best I'd be happy for them either way."
The Friendly Pirate and his blushing bride will tie the knot in September. (Image: Instagram @staceyyallen)
Though Amanda confesses she didn't get on with everyone on set.
"They [the contestants] all had good qualities but Pat and Bianca did my bloody head in," she reveals.
"Bianca's actually quite nice, I know it looks like we have this mass rivalry because of that one meat incident but Pat is out of control. We saw him out in public and I was like 'He is not my cup of tea.'"
"You know how you meet people and you don't really have a reason why? They're not bad horrible people but you just don't like them. I thought Blake and I were overbearing people but we're quite chill compared to a lot of the others."
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She also opened up about the controversial strategic scoring by Ibby and Romel that they did to keep their preferred teams in the competition.
"Of course we were shocked because so many times it got brought up 'Should we score strategically?' and every single person said 'I'm going to vote according to food,'" she says.
"You can call us naïve but we believe what people say when they say it, we don't see a reason for people to lie about stuff like that, we're all in the same competition together. At least they owned it on TV and all that but at the end of the day we never knew that would be something that would happen so when it did happen it made us think 'Well now group two can go tit for tat if they want to,' it just opens a whole other can of worms."
"I don't have any bad feelings towards anyone from the show at all but I wouldn't have done it myself."
Amanda has revealed what she thinks of her fellow competitiors. (Image: Channel Seven)
And as for the show's ultimate villains Josh and Austin, "they're not that bad" according to Amanda.
"People think they're these two horrible guys but they're really not. A lot of people were laughing at some of the things they said."
"It looks like we all got mad but every single person at that table had a chuckle in one way or another and they kind of thought they were a little bit funny a lot of the time."
Amanda went on to say that they never intended to hurt people or tried to be super malicious, but rather they speak before thinking.
"I still laugh at Josh's Instagram account, I follow him and watch some of the stuff he does and it still cracks me up. I spat my coffee out this morning laughing at something he put up there today, he's a crack up, he's a funny guy."